n-Methyl Aniline Prices Reflect Oscillating Trend Amidst Volatile Downstream Demand
n-Methyl Aniline Prices Reflect Oscillating Trend Amidst Volatile Downstream Demand

n-Methyl Aniline Prices Reflect Oscillating Trend Amidst Volatile Downstream Demand

  • 04-Oct-2023 2:57 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

n-Methyl Aniline prices displayed mixed market sentiments across the globe during September 2023 and gained a positive outlook for October downstream offtakes. The US and Asian n-Methyl Aniline prices reliance on downstream procurement in the textile and agrochemical industries led to price fluctuations throughout September 2023, and further anticipated elevation in the downstream agrochemical segment demand for n-methyl Anline is expected to push forward the pricing momentum across these regions.

In the USA, the n-Methyl Aniline prices fluctuated in a narrow range throughout September 2023 due to prolonged dullness in the downstream textile market. According to the Conference Board of USA, the decline in the consumer confidence index to 103 in September amidst the fear of recession and high operational costs contributed to the deterioration of n-Methyl Aniline buying activities in the Textile industry in September 2023. The consumers in the USA also expressed concerns about the political situation and higher interest rates. In contrast, the positive stance of downstream agrochemical new offers in the line of harvesting season in the USA escalated the n-Methyl Aniline offtakes at the termination of September 2023, impacting pricing dynamics as the shortage of supplies in the line of high input costs, provided market players, the opportunity to sustain their margins.

The n-Methyl Aniline prices in Asia showed marginal inclination and were governed by the limited production run rates and rise in the downstream consumption in the agrochemical and textile segments. The downstream fertilizer industry acquired a wait-and-see attitude after the Chinese ban on fertilizer. The regional market participants opted to raise the prices in September 2023 to sustain their margins in the line of Seasonal consumption by limiting production run rates.

In Europe, n-Methyl Aniline prices slightly fluctuated in September 2023, owing to the slight increase in the demand from the downstream textile and solvent industry's limited supplies. In Europe, the major factor behind the n-Methyl Aniline price variation was rising input costs and high inflation in the major exporting nations. At the same time, n-Methyl Aniline market participants faced dipped business sentiments across the Eurozone and showcased marginal improvement in consumption from the textile sector, which resulted in the current price trend. Further, consumption in the European market also anticipated resilience for the coming weeks with an increase in international offers.

According to ChemaAnalyst, n-Methyl Aniline prices are likely to remain relatively northward globally due to the expected positive change in the demand and the seasonal consumption in line with insufficient supplies. While challenges persist in the n-Methyl Aniline industry, there is still some hope from the downstream demand side despite the persistence of global economic challenges.

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