Natural Gas Prices Decline as Ventures Shift To Other Conventional Sources

Natural Gas Prices Decline as Ventures Shift To Other Conventional Sources

Natural Gas Prices Decline as Ventures Shift To Other Conventional Sources

  • 01-Aug-2022 3:35 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Houston, USA- Natural Gas demand has recently dropped amid insufficient availability and slashed deliveries from Russia. As per our trusted source, "Demand of Natural Gas deterred whether it's from household or industrial sector with diverting to fulfill its requirement from other conventional sources."

On 25th July, Gazprom, the Russian Gas industry, further cut the supply by about 20 percent of pipeline capacity due to a technical issue in one of the turbines. From 30th July, Gazprom also suspends gas supplies to European Union (EU) and NATO member Latvia citing violation of the condition to purchase.

When we throw light on the Indian Petrochemical ventures, Natural Gas consumption shrinks as refiners and power producers use less of the expensive fuel. The decrease in demand is chiefly because of ventures changing to alternative energy with significant production costs. Refiners switched to liquid fuels while generators have been less inclined to utilize costly gas to deliver power.

August NYMEX Natural gas futures dragged due to concerns about cooling demand and global supplies. Future contracts settle at USD 8.68/MMBtu for August.

To remove the reliance on Natural Gas from Russia, European Union (EU) are taking support from Africa for their regional imports. However, Africa is furnished with Natural Gas reserves but lacks the infrastructure to export it, but now the traders are working on it to overcome this issue.

Algeria, Niger, and Nigeria signed a memorandum on 28th July to build a 4,000-kilometer (2,500-mile) Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline.

According to ChemAnalyst, Natural Gas prices will remain on the higher end with constraints on supply and surging demand from downstream enterprises. It also impacts the natural gas derivative market, and the producers will cut the production rate and rely more on conventional sources. In the long run, lower regional temperatures will increase the consumption of Natural Gas Air conditioning and power generation.


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