PT Justus Sakti Raya Halts Maleic Anhydride Production in Jakarta
PT Justus Sakti Raya Halts Maleic Anhydride Production in Jakarta

PT Justus Sakti Raya Halts Maleic Anhydride Production in Jakarta

  • 10-Nov-2023 5:53 PM
  • Journalist:

PT Justus Sakti Raya, a leading petrochemical producer headquartered in Indonesia, initiated a temporary halt in operations at its maleic anhydride (MA) plant in Jakarta, Indonesia, effective from November 6. This strategic shutdown, undertaken for both commercial reasons and essential repairs, impacts a facility boasting an annual MA production capacity of 14,150 tons. Industry insights from those familiar with the company's operations reveal that the closure, as of now, lacks a specific timeline for the resumption of production.

This temporary shutdown is not the first instance for the MA plant. In the previous year, PT Justus Sakti Raya temporarily closed the same facility for repairs, spanning from April 22 to 2021. Additionally, in 2019, the company executed a preventive maintenance program at the Jakarta-based maleic anhydride plant, extending from November 1 to December 8.

Maleic anhydride, an essential raw material across various industries, assumes a critical function in manufacturing tetrahydrofuran, tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, films, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, detergents, plasticizers, as well as a range of acids such as maleic, succinic, fumaric, and malic. Furthermore, it contributes significantly to the formulation of numerous agricultural chemicals.

One noteworthy application of maleic anhydride is in the production of plasticizers, crucial substances that enhance the elasticity and plasticity of polymer materials during processing and operation. Specifically, these plasticizers are extensively utilized in the manufacturing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with approximately 72% of them contributing to the production of PVC products.

Russia experienced a notable surge in the consumption of unmixed PVC (excluding exports to Belarus) during the initial nine months of the current year, amounting to an estimated increase of 202.2% compared to 1982. Notably, both the emulsion and suspension PVC markets witnessed increased demand, with the emulsion segment showing the most substantial growth.

Established as the chemical production unit of the Justus Group, PT Justus Sakti Raya made its mark in the industry. It emerged as the first producer of unsaturated polyester resins in Indonesia and has since evolved into a major player in the petrochemical sector, making significant contributions to the industrial landscape.

The temporary closure of the MA plant in Jakarta underscores the dynamic nature of the petrochemical industry, where periodic maintenance and repairs are essential for ensuring operational efficiency. As PT Justus Sakti Raya addresses these commercial considerations and endeavors to restore the plant's functionality, industry stakeholders will keenly monitor developments in the MA market and the broader petrochemical sector in Indonesia.

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