px Group Collaborates with HYDS to Expand Green Hydrogen Adoption in Europe
px Group Collaborates with HYDS to Expand Green Hydrogen Adoption in Europe

px Group Collaborates with HYDS to Expand Green Hydrogen Adoption in Europe

  • 24-May-2024 12:22 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

px Group has established a partnership with Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS), a prominent Norwegian firm specializing in the development, construction, and operation of green hydrogen production facilities. This collaboration between two key players in the renewable technologies and solutions sector aims to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future.

Geoff Holmes, CEO of px Group, emphasizes, "The demand for an integrated provider with expertise in hydrogen and its derivatives, particularly in the Nordic region, is pressing. We are eager to assume this role alongside HYDS and to delve into additional decarbonization partnerships and development prospects across the region."

The collaboration will expedite the advancement of low-carbon, renewable fuels, and energy. Initially concentrating on the Nordic region, the partnership envisions expanding its reach to encompass Europe and beyond in the future.

Thor-Henrik W. Hagen, CEO of HYDS, remarks, "Our collaboration has spanned over a year, during which we've identified shared values, particularly a mutual emphasis on safety. Drawing from our expertise in developing, constructing, and operating hydrogen production facilities, we recognize the importance of securing capacity to manage the balance of plant for our own projects. Moreover, we acknowledge the significance of this and the opportunities it presents for us to extend our services to others, both domestically and internationally."

Raymond Smebye, Business Development Director Scandinavia at px Group, expresses, "The alignment of our values, including prioritizing safety, placing skilled individuals at the core of our operations, and our dedication to decarbonization, fosters an exhilarating partnership between HYDS and px Group."

In addition to overseeing various strategic and vital energy and infrastructure assets in the UK, px Group is already engaged in operations in Norway and is expanding its presence elsewhere in Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, and the Nordic region. HYDS manages Stord Hydrogen and Kaupanes Hydrogen facilities, both located in Norway.

This announcement marks the second significant advancement for px Group in the hydrogen sector within the past two months. In April, px Group acquired a majority stake in Lifte H2, a German hydrogen engineering solutions company. Meanwhile, HYDS is actively developing numerous new projects. Through this partnership, both parties will leverage their shared strengths to optimize plant designs that HYDS will employ in upcoming operations, particularly for larger hydrogen production plants. HYDS has several projects in progress where this standardized design will be implemented, with many already in the feasibility stage. Concrete agreements and announcements are forthcoming, with the first final investment decisions (FIDs) anticipated in the first half of 2025.

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