Reasons Behind the Global Surge in Taurine Prices During March 2024
Reasons Behind the Global Surge in Taurine Prices During March 2024

Reasons Behind the Global Surge in Taurine Prices During March 2024

  • 03-Apr-2024 3:52 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

In March, the cost of Taurine experienced an upward trajectory globally, propelled by heightened demand from both the nutraceutical and healthcare sectors. This trend was fuelled by several factors, including a surge in the cost of its raw material, Ethylene Oxide, driven by higher downstream demand and tight supply. As a result, manufacturing expenses increased, leading to higher prices for Taurine. In anticipation of a sustained upward movement, market players opted to replenish their inventories proactively, further bolstering the upward momentum of Taurine prices.

China's manufacturing sector witnessed a notable turnaround in March, marking growth after a continuous contraction spanning five months. The official purchasing managers index (PMI) climbed from 49.1 in February to 50.8, indicating a resurgence in industrial activities post the Lunar New Year festivities. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) noted heightened market activity as companies ramped up production following the holiday season. Notably, both manufacturers' output and new orders saw accelerated expansion. Additionally, external demand saw an uptick, driving new export orders to their highest level since February 2023. Overall, demand showed improvement from both domestic and overseas markets, which pushed the Taurine prices upward. 

As China remains a leading exporter of Taurine, a similar pattern is observed in the US market. Furthermore, recent data shows a boost in US business activity in March, with orders rebounding after six months, alongside indications that inflation may gradually ease, further fueling the rise in Taurine prices. Complicating matters, the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the closure of the Port of Baltimore will likely disrupt the transportation and logistics of goods, including Taurine imports, in the USA. With the closure of the port, container ships destined for Baltimore will be diverted to nearby ports like those in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This redirection will cause congestion and increased demand for services at alternative ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach, potentially leading to delays and higher costs. These increased costs would eventually be passed on to consumers, resulting in higher Taurine prices in the USA.

In India, the manufacturing sector experienced a significant upswing in March 2024, signaling notable enhancements in business conditions and a strong expansion in manufacturing activity. The report for March highlighted that the growth of new orders surged to its fastest pace in nearly three and a half years, driven by reports of vibrant demand conditions. This positive momentum has contributed to the upward trajectory of Taurine in the Indian market.

According to analysis by ChemAnalyst, Taurine prices are projected to continue increasing in the upcoming months due to sustained demand from downstream sectors coupled with tight supply conditions. Fluctuations in raw material prices are expected to remain strong, thereby contributing to the elevation of Taurine prices. Additionally, the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge could potentially impact market dynamics for Taurine further, introducing additional uncertainties.

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