Russia Plans Establishment of Three Hydrogen Clusters
Russia Plans Establishment of Three Hydrogen Clusters

Russia Plans Establishment of Three Hydrogen Clusters

  • 16-Aug-2021 3:38 PM
  • Journalist: Jaideep kumar

In a move towards supporting a hydrogen-based economy, the Russian government has taken a decision to develop three hydrogen production clusters. The move is aimed at developing Russia’s national potential with regards to hydrogen production, using hydrogen domestically to reduce carbon footprint, and occupying a leadership position in the global hydrogen market.

For enabling a supportive environment towards a hydrogen economy, various steps have been taken by the Russian government which include pilot projects for the manufacturing of low-carbon hydrogen, establishment of consortiums to develop equipment and components for hydrogen production, and development of hydrogen storage and transport infrastructure.

For this, three hydrogen production clusters are expected to be set up as per the government’s policy regarding hydrogen. The three clusters are named as per their location. The first cluster is the Eastern cluster, second is the North-Western Cluster, and third is the Arctic Cluster. All the three clusters are being set up with different goals.

The eastern cluster is being set up with an aim to cater to exports in the Asia Pacific region. The North-Western cluster is expected to specialize in Europe exports and for promoting carbon footprint reduction technologies for the companies which are export oriented. The Arctic cluster will play a role in providing power to domestic polar territories.

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