RWE Unveils Plan for Hydrogen-Enabled Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine at Gersteinwerk in Werne
RWE Unveils Plan for Hydrogen-Enabled Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine at Gersteinwerk in Werne

RWE Unveils Plan for Hydrogen-Enabled Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine at Gersteinwerk in Werne

  • 04-Jun-2024 3:59 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

RWE intends to construct hydrogen-capable gas-fired power stations at its power plant locations in Germany as part of the strategy to facilitate a coal phase-out by 2030. After initiating the project at Weisweiler in the Rhenish mining region, the company is advancing plans for a similar facility at a potential second site in Werne, situated in the southern Münsterland area. The proposed project involves the establishment of an H2-ready combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant with a capacity of approximately 800 megawatts at the Gersteinwerk power plant.

After thorough technical assessments, RWE has enlisted an Italian-Spanish consortium to oversee the project planning. Progress has commenced on navigating the planning approval procedures.

Nikolaus Valerius, CEO of RWE Generation SE, stated, "Initiating the planning approval process for a hydrogen-capable gas-fired power plant at Gersteinwerk reflects our proactive approach in maintaining the possibility of completion by 2030. By constructing this new facility, we stand prepared to bolster the reliability of green energy supply, thereby facilitating the coal phase-out by 2030. However, this necessitates swift decision-making from policymakers. Our final investment decision hinges on securing the site's connection to a hydrogen network and ensuring that the regulatory framework supports commercially sustainable power plant operations."

The German government has revealed plans to establish a regulatory framework for tendering hydrogen-capable gas-fired power plants as part of its power plant strategy. RWE is poised to engage in these tender processes. As outlined in the newly introduced blueprints for developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany, the Gerstein plant in Werne may potentially be situated near a hydrogen transport pipeline in the future.

RWE has awarded its tender for the hydrogen-capable CCGT to a consortium comprising Ansaldo Energia from Italy and Tecnicas Reunidas from Spain. The contract, endorsed by all three parties, encompasses the initial phase of planning approval for the power plant.

Efforts are already in progress to advance the planning process. This serves as a crucial prerequisite for RWE to commence project implementation promptly following an investment decision.

Based on current plans, the Werne plant is poised to commence electricity generation by 2030. Upon commissioning, the plant aims to incorporate a fuel blend comprising no less than 50 percent hydrogen content, with the intention of transitioning to complete reliance on hydrogen at a subsequent stage.

RWE plays a pivotal role in driving the energy transition, striving to reach ambitious objectives. In today's industrial and service-oriented society, RWE serves as a vital backbone for various sectors, including data networks, transportation, competitive industries, and infrastructure development. The common denominator among these sectors is the indispensable requirement for electricity, the cornerstone energy source of our era. As digitalization and electrification advance, the demand for a reliable, uninterrupted power supply becomes increasingly imperative, emphasizing the criticality of a secure 24/7 energy provision.

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