Sable Chemicals Set to Boost Production with Improved Efficiencies
Sable Chemicals Set to Boost Production with Improved Efficiencies

Sable Chemicals Set to Boost Production with Improved Efficiencies

  • 23-Jan-2023 11:48 AM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

Kwekwe (Zimbabwe): The Kwekwe-based fertilizer producer, Sable Chemicals, is taking steps to recover from a subdued performance in 2022. After securing a US$11 million loan fund from Africa Export and Import Bank (Afreximbank) in 2021, the company is currently retooling its plant with the goal of improved efficiency and increased production capacity by December this year.

Once completed, the refurbishment will increase production of Ammonium Nitrate up to 200,000 tons – more than quadrupling the current 50,000-ton output. This boost would fill domestic fertilizer demands while reducing reliance on imports and setting Zimbabwe up for success.

Management has expressed their anticipation of resuming operations any time this month to gear up for improved production ahead of the 2023 winter cropping season.

Mr. Morgan Chinoda, Chief Operating Officer, commented that production is expected to significantly improve in 2023 and beyond.

“Production of AN fertilizer at the Sable Chemicals plant in 2022 was below target owing to various factors that included extensive plant rehabilitation works, supply chain disruptions that were beyond the company’s control, and working capital constraints,” he said.

Mr. Chinoda commented that, with assistance from the Government, local and regional financial institutions, production is now expected to resume at a larger scale.

“As Sable, we work towards optimal production and increased contribution to meeting the national requirements for AN fertilizer. We received support from the Government and financial institutions, which enabled us to undergo a massive rehabilitation exercise, which is almost complete now.”

Revitalizing the local fertilizer industry is part of the Government's measures to accelerate implementation of the Five-Year Fertilizer Import Substitution Roadmap (2020 up to 2024).

Sable Chemicals is poised to create more employment with increased capacity, and this will be complemented by its diversification programme including venturing into dairy production, as well as establishing a 400MW solar energy generation plant for powering its electrolysis plant, and manufacturing sanitizer.

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