Sanyo Chemical and Econic Collaborate on Advancing CO2-Based Polyols for Carbon Neutrality
Sanyo Chemical and Econic Collaborate on Advancing CO2-Based Polyols for Carbon Neutrality

Sanyo Chemical and Econic Collaborate on Advancing CO2-Based Polyols for Carbon Neutrality

  • 17-Apr-2024 12:48 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Econic Technologies Ltd, a UK-based deep-tech company specializing in renewable carbon solutions. Sanyo Chemical will evaluate Econic's technology for producing CO2-based polyols to be utilized in the production of sustainable and high-performance polyurethanes. Through a concentrated effort on product development and harnessing Econic's groundbreaking CO2 utilization technology, the companies seek to decarbonize the value chain and bolster carbon neutrality, which stands as a pivotal focus for Sanyo Chemical.

Carbon recycling stands as a crucial technology, efficiently harnessing CO2 as a sustainable carbon source and holding promise as a pivotal technology for attaining carbon neutrality. Econic boasts proprietary technology capable of integrating CO2 into the polyol structure. Leveraging Econic's catalyst and process technology, Sanyo Chemical anticipates achieving a 30% reduction in the carbon footprint associated with polyol production.

Moreover, Econic's CO2-based polyol technology can capitalize on existing manufacturing facilities, leading to cost reductions in the production process. This facilitates practical application without compromising on performance or cost-efficiency. Polyols represent one of the two primary raw materials used in polyurethane production. Polyurethane finds widespread use across automotive, furniture, mattress, construction, and various industrial applications, including high-performance foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and more. Reducing reliance on petroleum-derived raw materials for polyurethane production significantly contributes to lowering CO2 emissions, thereby bolstering the material's sustainability.

Since commencing commercial production of PPG in 1960, Sanyo Chemical has spearheaded the development of numerous polyol products, establishing itself as a trailblazer in alkylene oxide adducts and holding the leading market share in Japan. As a foremost manufacturer of polyols for polyurethane in Japan, Sanyo Chemical is committed to fostering the sustainable growth of the polyurethane market. The company aims to significantly enhance the performance and competitiveness of customers' polyurethane products by incorporating Econic's technology across various polyol formulations.

Sanyo Chemical plans to evaluate Econic's technology for commercialization in the coming years. Moreover, the company intends to extend the application of this CO2-based polyol technology beyond polyurethane, viewing it as a launching point for new sustainable initiatives. Sanyo Chemical recognizes the potential for CO2-based polyol technology to expedite the development of circular society technologies, aligning with its dedication to carbon-neutral solutions.

Econic Technologies, headquartered in Alderley Park, UK, near Manchester, is a deep tech company specializing in renewable carbon solutions. Through its cutting-edge catalyst and process technology, Econic enables manufacturers to produce polymers using CO2 instead of traditional petrochemicals. This innovative approach not only enhances sustainability but also yields more cost-effective and high-performing end products. Econic grants licenses for its technology to manufacturers of polyols and surfactants, serving some of the most prestigious consumer brands globally.

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