Sinopec Increases Phenol Prices in East China
Sinopec Increases Phenol Prices in East China

Sinopec Increases Phenol Prices in East China

  • 19-Feb-2024 6:47 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

In a significant development on February 18, Sinopec, a major player in the Chinese chemical industry, executed a notable adjustment in the pricing of phenol within the eastern regions of China. Insider information reveals that the company opted to raise the domestic price offers for phenol, implementing an increase of CNY300 per tonne and establishing the new price at CNY7,800 per tonne EXW.

Coinciding with this pricing adjustment, spot prices for phenol in East China were actively discussed on the same day. These spot prices were observed to be in the range of approximately CNY7,700 to CNY7,800 per ton ex-tank, providing additional context to the market dynamics.

This recent move comes on the heels of a previous pricing adjustment by Sinopec on January 24, wherein the company increased domestic price offers for phenol in East China. During that adjustment, Sinopec raised the price of phenol by CNY100 per tonne, fixing it at CNY7,500 per tonne EXW.

Sinopec Corp. holds a distinguished position as one of the world's largest integrated energy and chemical companies, with a diversified business portfolio covering oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation. Additionally, the company is actively involved in oil refining, petrochemical production, and the manufacturing of mineral fertilizers and various chemical products. Globally, Sinopec Corp. holds the second position in refining capacity and ranks fourth in ethylene capacity.

The recent adjustments in phenol prices made by Sinopec reflect the company's proactive response to the prevailing market dynamics and the evolving landscape of the chemical industry. The incremental increases in pricing indicate a strategic approach employed by Sinopec to navigate the intricate balance of supply and demand, showcasing adaptability to the ongoing fluctuations in the global market.

As Sinopec maintains a pivotal role in the energy and chemical sectors, its pricing decisions assume significance as noteworthy indicators for industry observers and market participants. The adjustments implemented on February 18 underscore the company's commitment to adapting to changing market conditions while concurrently sustaining a competitive position within the phenol market.

For stakeholders and industry players, it has become imperative to remain vigilant and closely monitor these pricing adjustments. Such observations offer valuable insights into the broader trends and influences shaping the phenol market specifically in East China. The interplay between supply, demand, and pricing dynamics represents a critical facet of the chemical industry, and Sinopec's strategic actions function as a barometer for understanding and navigating these complexities.

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