Sluggish Demand and Economic Challenges Drive Down North American PVC Prices in May 2023
Sluggish Demand and Economic Challenges Drive Down North American PVC Prices in May 2023

Sluggish Demand and Economic Challenges Drive Down North American PVC Prices in May 2023

  • 29-May-2023 5:24 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

In May 2023, North American Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) prices were downward. This trend is attributed to various factors, including soft demand in the primary PVC-consuming construction sector of the U.S. market and production challenges, as well as fluctuations in upstream Ethylene prices throughout this month affecting the PVC pricing dynamics.

PVC prices in the region dropped in May after remaining down for two consecutive months. Moreover, despite production issues faced by major producers like Formosa Plastics Corp. USA and Westlake Corp., PVC demand has remained sluggish. The weakening in demand can be primarily attributed to a slowdown in residential construction in the United States, which accounts for a significant portion of PVC consumption through its use in pipes, siding, and other construction-related products. The recent increase in interest rates has negatively impacted the construction market, resulting in reduced PVC demand. These market dynamics highlight the challenges faced by the plastics industry in adapting to changing economic conditions and demand patterns. As the cost of borrowing increases, the construction sector, which is highly sensitive to interest rates, is particularly affected. These restrictive financial conditions and inflation eroding consumers' purchasing power are leading to decreased activity in various sectors influencing PVC price movement in North America.

According to the latest Federal Reserve meeting, there is an expectation that the U.S. economy may enter a mild recession at the end of this year. It is anticipated that the tightening of bank credit conditions and the already tight financial conditions will likely contribute to this economic downturn. Nevertheless, the meeting also mentioned a moderately paced recovery following the recession.

As per the ChemAnalyst, PVC prices are expected to continue to follow a downward trajectory in June 2023, owing to the anticipated slowdown in the construction sector orders in North America due to weakening consumer confidence amidst economic challenges in the regional market.

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