Smyril Line Secures Deal for Two Methanol-Ready RoRo Cargo Ships
Smyril Line Secures Deal for Two Methanol-Ready RoRo Cargo Ships

Smyril Line Secures Deal for Two Methanol-Ready RoRo Cargo Ships

  • 13-Feb-2024 5:50 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Smyril Line made a significant announcement on Wednesday, February 7, revealing a contractual agreement with the CIMC Raffles shipyard in China for the construction of two innovative methanol-ready cargo ships. These vessels, identical in design, boast a length of 190 meters and an impressive 3,300 lane meters capacity for trailers.

Scheduled to join Smyril Line's existing fleet, these new cargo ships are anticipated to commence operations in 2026. With a primary focus on ensuring optimal year-round seaworthiness in the challenging North Atlantic, the vessels are designed with a strong emphasis on crew comforts and well-being during their journeys.

The collaboration with Knud E. Hansen, renowned naval architects, is integral to the design process. Leveraging the extensive experience of Smyril Line in navigating the North Atlantic, the partnership aims to ensure that these ships are tailor-made for the specific route connecting Europe, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of this endeavor, with the vessels adhering to all international emission standards. In comparison to Smyril Line's existing fleet, these ships are poised to emit significantly fewer emissions per transported ton. Additionally, the vessels will be equipped with a cutting-edge battery system and the capability for shore power, enabling emissions-free port operations.

An important feature of these cargo ships is their preparedness to sail on e-methanol, identified as a promising future choice for green energy within Smyril Line. Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, the CEO of Smyril Line, expressed the company's commitment to setting new and ambitious goals to reduce emissions in the North Atlantic. He emphasized the primary goal of Smyril Line—to ensure safe and reliable transportation for both passengers and cargo while connecting the periphery of the North Atlantic with the rest of the world.

Rasmussen highlighted the forward-looking aspect of this investment, signalling a commitment to greener energy solutions and positioning Smyril Line as a leader in fleet renewal with decarbonization goals in mind. The new ships are expected to transport larger cargo quantities with significantly reduced energy consumption, contributing to an estimated energy saving of at least 60%. This significant step aligns with Smyril Line's broader objective of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Having operated routes in the North Atlantic since 1982, Smyril Line brings a wealth of experience to this venture. Rasmussen underscored the unique challenges posed by the North Atlantic route, emphasizing the demanding conditions for both ship and crew. Consequently, the design of these new ships takes into account the specific challenges faced during voyages in this region, ensuring a balance between operational efficiency and crew well-being. Smyril Line's strategic investment in these methanol-ready cargo ships marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey toward sustainability, environmental responsibility, and industry leadership.

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