Sufficient Inventories Causing Steady Acrylamide Prices Trend in India
Sufficient Inventories Causing Steady Acrylamide Prices Trend in India

Sufficient Inventories Causing Steady Acrylamide Prices Trend in India

  • 20-Jun-2022 9:02 AM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Due to stable market sentiments, Acrylamide prices in India have witnessed stability since May. Growing awareness over water management and increasing stress by the Indian Government has made water treatment a potential growth segment for the Acrylamide market in India. Besides, surplus inventories to fulfill existing demand and lower raw material prices led to stability in the price movement of Acrylamide in the Indian Market.

Acrylamide is either utilized as a chemical intermediate or monomer to produce Polyacrylamide. Polyacrylamide and Acrylamide are consumed for portable water clarification and municipal and industrial effluent treatment. These materials are also utilized as grouting agents in developing reservoirs and wells for drinking water.

As per the analysis conducted by ChemAnalyst, India aims to attain self-sufficiency, so the number of chemical plants for water management has increased since Q1 2022. With sufficient availability of Acrylamide inventories for stable offtakes in the market, enterprises-maintained stability in the price trend of the product in India. The alarming volume of wastewater is causing a decent demand for chemical materials for water treatment. In line with the substantial demand for wastewater chemicals amid consistency in production activities, Acrylamide prices have shown stability since May.

Moreover, the stability in the Fuel prices in the Indian market due to reduction in Excise duty and ease in the price movement of feedstock Acetonitrile amid overflowing inventories also conclusively affect the prices of Acrylamide in the Indian market. Per the trader, Acrylamide costs are impacted by certain factors for June, such as sufficient availability of inventories and reduction in the prices of raw materials used for commercial manufacturing of the product such as Acrylonitrile, copper-based catalyst.

As per the ChemAnalyst database, “Acrylamide pricing is expected to observe continuous surge as the demand for water treatment chemical is expected to remain robust in the upcoming months in 2022. Meanwhile, a shortage of inventories is anticipated amid high offtakes in the Indian domestic market.”

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