Sulphur Prices are Rising in the USA With Advancements in Fertilisers Technology and Development

Sulphur Prices are Rising in the USA With Advancements in Fertilisers Technology and Development

Sulphur Prices are Rising in the USA With Advancements in Fertilisers Technology and Development

  • 27-Sep-2022 7:53 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

The increased use of Sulphur in agricultural applications, particularly for grain crops, and technical developments in the agriculture sector contribute to the market's growth. The need for Sulphur is driven by growing worries about over-eutrophication, strict regulations and fines on conventional fertilizers, product developments, and technological advancements.

The prices of Sulphur surged in the USA market during the third week of September, with prices ranging at USD 223.00/ton Sulphur (Granular) CFR Texas with a weekly surge of 2.3% as per recorded by ChemAnalyst pricing team data on September 23. The broad application of Sulphur in sectors including agriculture supports market expansion and is credited with the high sales projections. Regarding consumption, North America is predicted to rule the global market for Sulphur-coated urea.

Due to rising demand and more significant investments in agriculture modernization, particularly in emerging economies, there has been a real growth in food production. Farmers refocusing on their efforts to boost agricultural yields and profit margins in the agriculture sector are another essential factor supporting market expansion. Due to its cost-effective slow-release nitrogen source compared to other coated materials with low leaching and volatilization losses, Sulphur coated urea is widely used for agricultural applications.

The demand from downstream plastics, dyes, and drug enterprises surged the prices of Sulphur in The USA market as consumption for these products increased, affecting the market sentiments. The inventories of the product with the traders and the suppliers fell, which created a shortage of the products.

Major industry participants have developed Sulphur with smaller particle sizes to be used on putting greens. Due to increased applications in numerous industries, including the residential and agricultural sectors, the U.S. is anticipated to continue to be one of the top consumers of Sulphur coated urea. According to predictions, the nation will hold between 20% and 25% of the market's global value share for Sulphur-coated urea.


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