TalusAg and Kenya Nut Partner for Green Ammonia System
TalusAg and Kenya Nut Partner for Green Ammonia System

TalusAg and Kenya Nut Partner for Green Ammonia System

  • 05-Dec-2023 4:28 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Kenya Nut Company has entered into a strategic partnership with TalusAg, a green ammonia technology company, to introduce a commercial modular green ammonia system. This innovative collaboration aims to facilitate cleaner, more cost-effective, and reliable fertilizer production.

TalusAg's on-site, zero-carbon system leverages solar energy, water, and air to produce ammonia—the fundamental component of mineral fertilizers. The company's distinctive compressor design and software controls ensure the timely and location-specific delivery of fertilizer, reducing safety risks and greenhouse gas emissions associated with lengthy and complex supply chains.

The inaugural deployment of TalusAg's technology, known as talusOne, is situated at Kenya Nut Company's Morendat farm in Naivasha, Kenya. This demonstration project showcases the transformative potential of decentralized green ammonia production, particularly beneficial for rural and supply-vulnerable communities.

Powered by a 2.1 MW solar farm, Kenya Nut Company's talusOne has a daily output of approximately 1 ton of green ammonia. Notably, for every ton of green ammonia generated, the unit mitigates up to 8 tons of carbon emissions typically associated with conventional ammonia production and distribution. Traditional ammonia processes contribute approximately 2% to global carbon dioxide emissions.

The collaboration between TalusAg and Kenya Nut Company extends beyond technology deployment, encompassing a 15-year supply agreement. This agreement is designed to provide carbon-free, green ammonia fertilizer with assured supply at a fixed price. Kenya Nut Company intends to leverage this low-cost fertilizer to enhance crop production efficiency.

Graeme Rust, CEO of Kenya Nut Company, expressed enthusiasm for leading the charge in cleaner and more efficient fertilizer production. He highlighted the substantial benefits of talusOne's unique technology for farmers, emphasizing cost reduction, improved product quality, and enhanced reliability.

TalusAg's Co-Founder and CEO, Hiro Iwanaga, emphasized the transformative impact of their collaboration with Kenya Nut Company on the traditionally challenging-to-decarbonize agricultural sector. He positioned talusOne's local and carbon-free ammonia production as an initial step in revolutionizing food and renewable fuel production systems. The overarching vision is to create systems that are not only cleaner but also more affordable and reliable.

The partnership between Kenya Nut Company and TalusAg represents a pioneering initiative in the realm of sustainable agriculture. By combining TalusAg's cutting-edge green ammonia technology with Kenya Nut Company's commitment to decarbonize fertilizer production, the collaboration serves as a model for addressing environmental challenges in the agricultural industry. The deployment of talusOne and the long-term supply agreement underscore a shared commitment to cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally responsible agricultural practices, marking a significant stride towards a sustainable future.

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