Tertiary Butyl Alcohol Prices Showed Mixed Sentiments Across the German and Chinese Market
Tertiary Butyl Alcohol Prices Showed Mixed Sentiments Across the German and Chinese Market

Tertiary Butyl Alcohol Prices Showed Mixed Sentiments Across the German and Chinese Market

  • 03-Oct-2022 10:45 AM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Prices of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol have shown mixed sentiments in the Asian and European markets during September 2022. Soaring energy prices and mounting inflation in Europe resulted in a marginal price increase. At the same time, sufficient inventory levels coupled with subdued demand in the Asian market have led to the price drop.

In Germany, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices have slightly risen during the fourth week of September 2022 due to the high raw material prices coupled with stable to weak demand. Feedstock Isobutylene prices increased for the second consecutive month in September 2022, culminating in high-cost pressure on Tertiary Butyl Alcohol. Meanwhile, demand from downstream solvents and other value chains remained under pressure. In addition, the domestic cost of production continues to remain high amid mounting energy and operating costs, resulting in weak output rates. Hence, as a result, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices in Germany were assessed at USD 1225/MT on a FOB basis, measuring an inclination of around 0.5% to 1.7% weekly during the week ending 30th September 2022. On the other side, the European supply chain, which was already disrupted due to port congestions, prolonged berth delays, and vessel bunching, now experiences port closure again. Liverpool and Felixstowe transport unions are expected to plan a labor strike in the forthcoming weeks to respond to high inflation. This strike will cause port closures for over a week, triggering further halts in supply chains. Overwhelmingly, the energy crisis and port congestion have impacted Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices.

Meanwhile, in the Chinese market, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices have continued to plunge, bolstered by the low cost of the raw material Isobutylene. A trader based in China quoted that, “in September, supply, and demand in the manufacturing industry both contracted, logistics and transportation were slightly sluggish; also the cost of production and prices continued to decline, and purchases and inventories fell slightly. Market optimism also dwindled significantly due to concerns about the economic outlook”. Tertiary Butyl Alcohol FOB Qingdao Prices were assessed at USD 955/MT with a declination of around 1.5% during September 2022.

According to the ChemAnalyst estimation, “The Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices will increase in the coming weeks due to the further expectation of improving demand from the downstream solvent and other allied industries. At the same time, feedstock Isobutylene prices will likely increase, which may positively impact the Tertiary Butyl Alcohol prices.

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