Uniper, Deutsche Bahn Ink Long-Term Deal for Green Power Supply
Uniper, Deutsche Bahn Ink Long-Term Deal for Green Power Supply

Uniper, Deutsche Bahn Ink Long-Term Deal for Green Power Supply

  • 18-Apr-2024 2:28 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Uniper and Deutsche Bahn have a longstanding partnership focused on delivering secure and sustainable power solutions. A prime example of this collaboration is the century-long contract supplying Deutsche Bahn with hydropower from the Walchensee. In addition to this, the partnership extends to other initiatives, such as a recent power purchase agreement (PPA) signed in March 2024. Under this five-year agreement, Uniper will provide Deutsche Bahn with approximately 88 GWh of green power annually from Swedish hydropower sources. This supply will commence in 2028 from four run-of-river hydropower plants situated along Fjällsjöälven. The cross-border nature of the PPA underscores the depth of cooperation between the two companies.

Playing a pivotal role in the energy transition journey, Uniper customizes its offerings to meet the unique requirements of its clients, with a primary focus on delivering greener energy and ensuring supply security. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) constitute a vital component of Uniper's product portfolio, enabling companies to diminish their carbon footprints.

In this case, Uniper is assisting Deutsche Bahn in diversifying its green power portfolio with hydropower, thereby advancing the Group's objective of enhancing its overall sustainability. This long-term arrangement also grants Deutsche Bahn better cost predictability amidst the ongoing volatility of the energy market.

The demand for green power is on the rise. As part of the energy transition, we're not only reducing carbon emissions in our own power generation but also supplying more green power to our customers, enabling them to reach their climate goals. Renewable energy, including our group's hydropower, is a crucial element of this transition. We're pleased that our PPA is accelerating Deutsche Bahn's decarbonization efforts because collaboration is key to effectively achieving the energy transition goals," commented Carsten Poppinga, Uniper's Chief Commercial Officer.

Uniper, headquartered in Du¨sseldorf, operates globally across over 40 countries. With approximately 7,000 employees, the company plays a significant role in ensuring supply security in Europe, focusing on its key markets in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Uniper's activities include power generation across Europe, worldwide energy trading, and an extensive gas portfolio. The company sources gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other energy resources from global markets. Additionally, Uniper owns and manages gas storage facilities with a combined capacity exceeding 7 billion cubic meters.

Uniper has set ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, with a target for over 80% of its installed power generating capacity to be zero-carbon by 2030. To realize these objectives, the company is undergoing a transformation of its power plants and facilities, while investing in flexible, dispatchable power generation units. Uniper, already a major operator of hydropower plants in Europe, is actively contributing to the expansion of solar and wind power, crucial for fostering a sustainable and secure future. Additionally, Uniper is progressively diversifying its gas portfolio to include green gases such as hydrogen and biomethane, with plans for long-term conversion to these sustainable alternatives.

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