Why global Sodium Lignosulphonate prices are on uptrend
Why global Sodium Lignosulphonate prices are on uptrend

Why global Sodium Lignosulphonate prices are on uptrend

  • 18-May-2022 8:39 AM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Global inflationary pressure has been a major concern for market players as, despite demand dullness, prices have risen across the global market. ChemAnalyst data shows a significant rise in prices of several commodities, including Sodium Lignosulphonate, during the last month across the global market, under the influence of rising input costs the global market.

Recently, ChemAnalyst has analysed Sodium Lignosulphonate pricing dynamics across the global market and observed that Sodium Lignosulphonate prices have risen effectively during the month of April and projecting another hike during May 2022. As per the data, the highest price increment has been observed for the USA, which was around 5.5% during April, projecting another 2% hike by the mid of May. The major factor behind these consistent increments was prolonged inflationary pressure on convertors and domestic key players, coupled with disturbing trade activities due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

On the other side, Indian traders have managed to keep the prices stable across the domestic market, under wavering demand fundamentals amidst rising manufacturers' production costs. As per the ChemAnalyst market sources, Indian traders have revealed that, under the influence of feeble offtakes, they were trying to keep the prices stable in order to sustain offtakes from the niche buyers. Thus, as per the data, prices remained almost unchanged in the Indian market.

In the meantime, China market has been highly volatile since the covid situation worsened in the country, while traders heard trying to maintain offtakes. In addition, the worsening covid situation has also been affecting domestic trade activities, which have also influenced product availability in the country in some places. As per the data, around a 3.5% rise was observed during a similar timeframe.

As per the ChemAnalyst analysis, Saudi Arabia has also witnessed an increment of around 1.7% during this month, as the imported cargoes are getting expensive week over a week due to inflationary pressure on manufacturers, which is further expected to keep on rising, as the current market fundamentals are not going to vanish soon.

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