ExxonMobil and Porsche Enters into a Pact to Advance eFuel Development

  • 31-Mar-2021
  • Journalist: Jaideep

ExxonMobil and Porsche has joined hands to test Esso Renewable Racing Fuel for high performance motorsport engines of Porsche in the upcoming Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2021. The initial cycle of Esso Renewable Racing Fuel is a combination of advanced biofuels which exhibits tremendous potential to actively reduce greenhouse emissions. The elemental testing of Esso Renewable Racing Fuel is planned to take place on 30th March 2021.

Besides, the pact also focuses on the advancement of eFuels, which are synthetic fuels composed of captured carbon dioxide and Hydrogen. The proposed eFuels are expected to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by around 85% in the coming years.  In early 2022, the companies have planned to test the next cycle of Esso Renewable Racing Fuel which beholds several eFuel components. The eFuels will be garnered from Hari Oni Pilot plant in Chile which produces Hydrogen which is further combined with carbon dioxide from atmosphere to form Methanol. In the implementation phase, around 35000 eFuel gallons is expected to be manufactured in 2022.

ExxonMobil is issuing license for the propriety technology to transform Methanol to Gasoline for reducing the carbon emissions effectively. In support of the collaboration, a Member of the Executive Board, Research and Development of Porsche stated that since vehicles electrification is a crucial affair for the company, the advances in eFuels are expected to appreciably complement their powertrain strategy.

As per ChemAnalyst, “The collaboration of ExxonMobil and Porsche is paved on ExxonMobil’s consistent efforts to evolve and advance technologies to lower carbon emissions from fuels along with increasing the efficiency of lubricants as well as advanced plastics and various other products. The pact will enable the companies to emerge as the leader in eFuel advancement for taking ahead the zero-carbon emission mission. The collaboration is expected to further assist the global market by making eFuel an affordable and lower greenhouse emission subtle in comparison to the available conventional fuels in the coming years.”

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