Japan Books World’s First Shipment of Blue Ammonia Fuel from Saudi Arabia

  • 28-Sep-2020
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Saudi Arabia rolled out the world’s first shipment of Blue Ammonia to Japan on Sunday, where it would be utilized in power stations to produce electricity without carbon emissions. Saudi Aramco produces the fuel by breaking down hydrocarbons into Hydrogen and then Ammonia followed by capturing the by-product Carbon Dioxide. As of now, Japan is receiving 40 tonnes of Blue Ammonia in its first shipment.

The country is the world’s largest consumer of Ammonia made Hydrogen and is dedicatedly working towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2030 from its levels in 2013. Blue Ammonia is used as feedstock for Blue Hydrogen, a fuel made from fossil fuels generated by capturing carbon emissions released. SABIC, owned by Aramco and Mitsubishi Corp. are looking after transport and other logistic related facilities of the Blue Ammonia project in alliance with JGC Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. and UBE Industries.

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