KBR and Hyundai finalize Ethylene Technology Licensing Deal

  • 11-Aug-2021
  • Journalist: Jaideep

KBR has recently signed a technology licensing contract with Hyundai Engineering and Tecnicas Reunidas to provide technology support to PKN ORLEN in its petrochemical development program in Plock, Poland.

According to the contract, technology license will be offered by KBR and along with the technology license, basic engineering design and equipment services. Industry leader Selective Cracking Optimum Recovery (SCORE) technology will be transferred which is known for its high yield and minimal carbon footprint.

PKN ORLEN's Olefins Complex III Project is Europe's largest petrochemical project in last 20 years.

KBR is a major olefin technology licensor and has been leading the market for many years. It has granted more than 100 ethylene technology licenses worldwide in which it uses low cost and energy efficient cracking technologies to produce ethylene, propylene and other by products from several feedstocks.

Ethylene is a major petrochemical which is mainly used to produce polyethylene plastic for various applications including packaging, automotive, etc. It is obtained from petroleum cracking and several technologies are available to produce polyethylene. In the present scenario, the technology companies are focusing towards developing cost effective, energy efficient and low carbon footprint technologies for producing Ethylene. KBR’s SCORE technology is one such technology.

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