SK Materials and ExxonMobil Join Forces for Blue Ammonia Project

  • 23-Feb-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

USA: SK Holdings Materials, a South Korea-based material technology company, has announced an agreement with ExxonMobil, an American energy and petrochemical corporation. The primary objective of this collaboration is for SK Materials to utilize blue Ammonia within its operations in Korea.

ExxonMobil plans to construct a facility to produce blue Ammonia in Baytown, Texas, USA. SK Materials is taking steps to support the shift towards cleaner energy in domestic coal power generation markets by introducing blue Ammonia and providing it as a fuel for co-fired power generation in Korea.

SK Materials has announced that they will be expanding their cooperation with ExxonMobil in order to develop a carbon reduction solution business.

Lee Yong-wook, CEO of SK Materials, stated: “We plan to strengthen cooperation with ExxonMobil to become a partner that promotes various projects for carbon reduction together, starting with blue Ammonia. We will build a value chain of consumption and distribution.”

Dan Ammann, President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solution, said: “ExxonMobil continues to invest in low-Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia, reducing ExxonMobil’s carbon emissions and supporting the decarbonisation of various customers around the world. I will do my best to do it.”

On the company’s official website, an SK Materials official stated: “We will supply blue Ammonia as an energy source that replaces the main fuel for domestic coal power generation in the future and create an environment that produces electricity while reducing Carbon emissions.”

ExxonMobil's Baytown facility, which focuses on low-Carbon Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Carbon capture technologies, is projected to commence operations in 2027-2028.

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