TricorBraun And BioBottles Sign Exclusive Agreement to Expand Sustainable Packaging Offerings

  • 9-Mar-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

St. Louis, Missouri [United States]: Global packaging leader TricorBraun is proud to announce an exclusive agreement with BioBottles™, further boosting their sustainable packaging offerings. Customers in the US and Canada can now get access to the first-ever biodegradable bottle tailored for the nutraceutical industry! With this partnership, TricorBraun is taking a giant leap towards a greener future.

"Sustainability matters to our customers and their consumers, and it matters to TricorBraun," said Mark O'Bryan, chief operations officer, TricorBraun. "Our exclusive BioBottles agreement is another example of our focused efforts to offer comprehensive, sustainable options for our customers. We are thrilled to partner with BioBottles to provide our customers with a solution that helps protect both their products and the planet."

Say goodbye to plastic with BioBottles, the revolutionary nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging system that utilizes cutting-edge proprietary technology. BioBottles with Plastic IQ™ are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for all your bottle needs. When exposed to an open environment in the right conditions, these HDPE and PP bottles, caps and scoops will be broken down into a material no longer classified as plastic. Make your products more sustainable today with BioBottles.

"TricorBraun shares our dedication and commitment to providing sustainable packaging options for the benefit of the planet," said James Vanbrocklin, CEO and co-founder, BioBottles. "We are excited to partner with a respected industry leader like TricorBraun to deliver this unique yet sustainable alternative for nutraceutical companies—and we look forward to working with TricorBraun to expand into new markets."

TricorBraun has recently made a ground-breaking agreement with BioBottles that showcases yet another step in their admirable journey towards sustainability and a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) advancement.

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