BASF's Chemetall Inaugurates Aluminum Expertise Hub in Italy
BASF's Chemetall Inaugurates Aluminum Expertise Hub in Italy

BASF's Chemetall Inaugurates Aluminum Expertise Hub in Italy

  • 16-Feb-2024 4:48 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

On February 13th, 2024, the Surface Treatment global business unit within BASF's Coatings division, operating under the renowned Chemetall brand, marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its latest endeavor: the Global Aluminum Competence Center situated in Giussano, Italy. This cutting-edge facility stands poised to bolster Chemetall's standing as a premier global provider of solutions tailored for the surface treatment of aluminum substrates, affirming its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.

The establishment of the Aluminum Competence Center signifies a strategic consolidation of Chemetall's extensive expertise in aluminum surface treatment, streamlining resources and knowledge to drive transformative advancements in the industry. Through meticulous analyses of existing capabilities, developmental priorities, and market demands, the Giussano site emerged as the optimal location to centralize these critical operations. By concentrating research and development activities for aluminum within this dedicated hub, Chemetall aims to expedite the pace of technological progress, facilitating breakthrough innovations in anodizing and pretreatment methodologies tailored specifically for this specialized substrate.

"This new global Aluminum Competence Center marks a pivotal milestone for Chemetall, empowering us to expedite the introduction of cutting-edge surface treatment solutions to the market," remarked a company spokesperson. "By centralizing our aluminum-focused R&D endeavors, we are poised to pioneer transformative technologies that not only address the evolving challenges faced by our global clientele but also deliver sustainable, long-term value."

Recognizing the strategic significance of aluminum within key industries such as architecture, aerospace, and automotive construction, Chemetall underscores the unique chemical intricacies inherent in treating this versatile lightweight metal. Unlike pure aluminum, which boasts distinct mechanical properties, aluminum alloys introduce a spectrum of mechanical, chemical, and corrosion characteristics, posing unique challenges for pretreatment solutions. The new Aluminum Competence Center is strategically positioned to navigate this complexity, equipping Chemetall's team with the tools and knowledge necessary to set new benchmarks within the industry.

With a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing advanced pretreatment solutions like the chrome-free thin-film Oxsilan® AL0510 and anodizing technologies such as the nickel-free medium temperature sealing Gardoseal® 1999, Chemetall stands as a global leader in surface treatment solutions. In Italy alone, over 70 dedicated Chemetall employees, including 15 technology experts, work tirelessly to provide tailored surface treatment solutions across a diverse array of industries. Moreover, the newly inaugurated Global Aluminum Competence Center adheres to stringent quality standards set forth by industry authorities, including QUALICOAT, GSB, and QUALANOD, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled excellence within the aluminum finishing sector.

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