China to Target USD 15 Billion Hydrogen Industry Chain
China to Target USD 15 Billion Hydrogen Industry Chain

China to Target USD 15 Billion Hydrogen Industry Chain

  • 18-Aug-2021 12:41 PM
  • Journalist: Jaideep Kumar

China has initiated plans to develop a full Hydrogen industry chain in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. The proposed plan is expected to cost around USD 15 Billion and would be completed by 2025. The project is aimed at reduction of carbon emissions by 2 million tonnes in the northern metropolitan region. 

The plan is in continuation of the earlier Beijing Hydrogen Industry Development Implementation Plan which had earlier set the target of industrial chain value of USD 7.5 billion. The proposed revision of the plan is aimed at building up a mature Hydrogen industry before 2025. 

The plan includes setting up of 37 Hydrogen filling stations by 2023 and to have 3000 vehicles using Hydrogen fuel battery. By 2025, the number of Hydrogen filling stations is set to double, and the number of Hydrogen based vehicles will be crossing 10,000. 

Beijing has expectations of almost 30% cost reduction in cars. The plan will require technological innovations in Hydrogen production, storage, refilling, battery and related technologies. The plan has city wise daily output targets of 68 tonnes before 2022. The cities will be covering their own requirements and the needs of bordering areas. The daily Hydrogen consumption in vehicles in Beijing is projected to reach around 50 tonnes before 2023 and is expected to more than double to 135 tonnes till 2025

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