European PVC Spot Prices Show Stability
European PVC Spot Prices Show Stability

European PVC Spot Prices Show Stability

  • 13-Feb-2024 4:05 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) market in Europe is currently characterized by stability in spot prices, despite a backdrop of declining global supply. This situation is particularly notable in the export sector, where prices for PVC Free on Board (FOB) delivery have shown resilience within the range of USD 775-795 per tonne. Meanwhile, domestic spot prices in Europe have mirrored this stability, holding firm at EUR 820-880 per tonne Free Delivered (FD).

Examining the export landscape, PVC prices have maintained their equilibrium, with specific focus on K67 PVC prices in Turkey. Reports suggest a range of USD 880-900 per tonne Cost and Freight (CFR), although the actual confirmation of concluded deals at this level remains unverified.

The global supply dynamics play a crucial role in shaping the PVC market, contributing to its current state of stability. In the United States, PVC prices continue to register high levels, while in Korea, prices have witnessed an upward trajectory, surpassing those observed in Europe. This limited global supply has set the stage for market players to anticipate further price increases in the future.

The stability in European PVC spot prices reflects a complex interplay of various factors within the industry. The resilience in export prices, especially for FOB delivery, points to a certain level of equilibrium in the market, with buyers and sellers navigating within a defined price range. The stability in domestic spot prices, measured in EUR per tonne FD, further underscores the current status of the European PVC market.

Specific attention is directed towards the export sector, with a spotlight on Turkey and the reported range of USD 880-900 per tonne CFR for K67 PVC. However, the absence of confirmed deals at this level introduces an element of uncertainty, emphasizing the need for continued monitoring of market dynamics to validate these price points.

It is evident that the global supply conditions are shaping the pricing trends in the European PVC market. The sustained high prices in the U.S. and the rising levels in Korea act as influential factors, indicating a scarcity in the overall PVC supply. This scarcity has triggered expectations among market participants of further price increases in the future, as demand and supply dynamics continue to evolve.

The current state of stability in European PVC spot prices is intricately tied to global supply conditions and regional dynamics. The market is carefully navigating the complexities brought about by varying pricing trends in export destinations, with an eye on anticipated future increases. As the industry adapts to these conditions, continuous monitoring will be essential to gauge the accuracy of reported price ranges and to stay informed about potential shifts in the European PVC market.

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