Honeywell Introduces World’s First 100% Hydrogen-Capable Gas Meter
Honeywell Introduces World’s First 100% Hydrogen-Capable Gas Meter

Honeywell Introduces World’s First 100% Hydrogen-Capable Gas Meter

  • 28-Nov-2023 5:26 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

In a significant development, Honeywell has officially launched its 100% hydrogen-capable diaphragm gas meter in Europe. The Honeywell EI5 smart gas meter, having undergone successful trials in the Netherlands, forms part of a broader initiative aligning with the goals set forth in the European Green Deal. This innovative gas meter is designed to measure both hydrogen and natural gas, providing adaptability that spans the entire European continent. Once installed, these meters eliminate the need for future replacements, thereby reducing long-term costs and enhancing operational sustainability. PTB has rigorously tested and certified the design and functionality of the EI5, ensuring safety, accuracy, and readiness for the evolving energy landscape.

Kinnera Angadi, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Energy and Thermal Solutions at Honeywell, emphasized the crucial role of Honeywell's hydrogen-capable meters in facilitating a seamless transition to hydrogen energy across European utility networks. She highlighted the company's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency with meters that are future-ready, allowing customers to stay ahead in a market swiftly transitioning towards greener energy solutions.

In the Netherlands, these cutting-edge gas meters are set to be deployed to Enexis Group, one of the country's largest gas distributors. This follows a successful pilot project in Wagenborgen, where residential homes from the 1970s are being integrated into a hydrogen network. This network not only features the EI5 gas meters but also incorporates a hydrogen central boiler for heating and hot water. Looking forward, the project aims to pioneer the use of green hydrogen through electrolysis, marking a significant step in the journey towards sustainable energy usage.

The ongoing shift towards clean energy is reflected in the commitment of utility distributors like Enexis Group to convert their main gas lines to hydrogen within the next three years. The 2020 Hydrogen Council report foresees a decrease in hydrogen costs by 2030, making it competitive with other low-carbon alternatives. This projection further strengthens the resolve of major utility players to embrace hydrogen as a viable and sustainable energy source.

Ruud Busscher, Program Manager for Energy Transit & Hydrogen at Enexis Group, highlighted the necessity and complexity of the transition to clean energy. He emphasized that the project in the Netherlands is not only challenging the existing operational norms but is also exploring the influence of hydrogen on the existing grid. Additionally, it is paving the way for new paths towards a sustainable future, signaling a transformative approach to energy consumption and distribution.

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