Increased Demand Propels Global Penicillin G Sodium Prices to Move Northwards

Increased Demand Propels Global Penicillin G Sodium Prices to Move Northwards

Increased Demand Propels Global Penicillin G Sodium Prices to Move Northwards

  • 03-Feb-2023 3:36 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Prices of Penicillin G Sodium, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), displayed an upsurged trajectory during the first month of Q1-2023 in the global market, majorly in Germany, the USA, and China. Inquiries from both the international and domestic markets surged, and various experts suggest that the current breakdown of China's zero-Covid policy and the looming mild recession are the main causes that support the current market trend of this API.

A shortage of common antibiotics has been observed in many regions, such as Europe, the USA, and China.  Limited supply affected logistics activity and led to a shortage of these APIs in economically developed countries. The current shortages or lessened availability of Pharmaceutical APIs such as Penicillin G Sodium have been encouraged by various issues, which have bound the manufacturers to increase their production of antibiotics. One of those reasons, which is most evident, is the winter months, as this often leads to a greater need for antibiotics, including Penicillin G Sodium, due to bacterial infections and flues. Other than this, manufacturing problems owing to the arrival of the Lunar New Year (LNY) in China, which resulted in delays or interruptions in production, labor disruptions, and problem in transportation, further reinforced the current trend of antibiotics, including Penicillin, Amoxicillin and Ceftolozane, and other products. Overall, as witnessed in China, there was an increment of 4.04 percent in the price of Penicillin G Sodium during January 2023.

Likewise, other nations, primarily Europe and the USA, also followed a similar trend for Penicillin G Sodium during the first half of Q1-2023. Higher production costs and input charges from upstream factories, combined with increased inquiries, aided the positive price trend. Further, long struggled with low demand for Penicillin G Sodium pressure brought on by supply uncertainty that affected the global pharmaceutical sectors has begun to pull key economies into a recession which now emphasizes raising their stocks for the same to meet up the surge in necessities. By the end of January, the price of Penicillin G Sodium had risen by 1.52 percent in Germany and 2.21 percent in the USA.

As per the ChemAnalyst, "Penicillin G Sodium demand is projected to remain in the Northward direction in the forthcoming months across the globe. Domestic merchants and traders are expected to witness a positive market sentiment, owing to which they might focus on raising their inventory levels for Penicillin G Sodium."


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