India Aims for Sustainable Future with New Bidding for Green Hydrogen Factories and Hubs
India Aims for Sustainable Future with New Bidding for Green Hydrogen Factories and Hubs

India Aims for Sustainable Future with New Bidding for Green Hydrogen Factories and Hubs

  • 11-Jan-2023 7:00 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

New Delhi: India taking a giant step toward a sustainable future, invitations for bids now available to establish Green-Hydrogen hubs and factories. India has launched a $2 billion incentive plan to promote green Hydrogen. This includes subsidies for setting up manufacturing, utilization, fertilizer, steel plants, and factories for producing electrolyzer for the substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources in production of fertilizer and steel, blending it into urban gas supply gas, and promoting its use in transportation. Not only will this move reduce emissions but also make India a major exporter in green Hydrogen.

Big companies invited to create Green Hydrogen hubs and Factories, government to launch bidding process in three to four months. As part of its commitment to green Hydrogen, Reliance Group and Adani Group have already devoted billions of dollars and they are now being invited by the government to establish two green Hydrogen hubs.

Electrolyzer are devices that make Hydrogen, so the government has decided to open a competitive bidding process in three to four months for these important electrolyzer factories. This move could lead to an increase in the production of green Hydrogen and help reduce emissions.

Government Launches Bidding Process for Fertilizer and Steel Plants Using Green Hydrogen and Ammonia, India is taking great strides towards achieving a sustainable future by launching a new bidding process for the establishment of two green Hydrogen hubs, as well as two fertilizer plants that use green Hydrogen and green ammonia.

The government is also offering subsidies to successful bidders so they can retain ownership of their projects. It intends to award contracts within a year and hopes to completely substitute all ammonia-based fertilizer imports with domestic fertilizers using green ammonia by 2034- 35.

Additionally, India wants to produce 5 million tonnes of green Hydrogen annually by 2030, along with steel projects that run entirely on this fuel source. Challenges remain in terms of transporting, storing Hydrogen, and making electrolyzer, but this plan could be the key to reducing emissions in India.

Government to Introduce Plan in Phases! India is looking towards a greener future, as the government has announced its plans to introduce green hydrogen and low-cost electrolyzer manufacturing in sectors that are already using Hydrogen.

This plan will be implemented in two phases. The first phase, till 2025-26, will aim at converting existing sectors from traditional Hydrogen usage to green Hydrogen. The second phase between 2026-27 and 2029-30 will involve introducing commercial-scale production of green Hydrogen for steel and mobility sectors. According to the two officials, phase 1 projects will begin manufacturing within two years. With this plan, India could potentially reduce emissions by embracing green technologies.

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