Linde, Infineon Technologies Ink Long Term Agreement to Manufacture Green Hydrogen

Linde, Infineon Technologies Ink Long Term Agreement to Manufacture Green Hydrogen

Linde, Infineon Technologies Ink Long Term Agreement to Manufacture Green Hydrogen

  • 20-Aug-2021 3:38 PM
  • Journalist: Jung Hoon

Linde recently made an announcement that the company had signed a long-term agreement with Infineon Technologies for the on-site manufacturing and storage of high-purity Green Hydrogen. Along with Green Hydrogen other industrial gas will also be manufactured at the Infineon’s manufacturing facility at Villach in Austria. 

This will be the first instance when Green Hydrogen is used in Infineon’s semiconductor manufacturing process. The manufacturing facility is expected to start up in 2022. 

As per the agreement Linde will build, own, and operate a two-megawatt electrolyser plant at the manufacturing site. The plant will be using Proton Exchange Membrane technology from ITM power to produce Green Hydrogen. The Hydrogen produced will be purified by Linde to meet the specifications as per Infineon’s semiconductor manufacturing process. 

Linde is a major global player in the production, processing, storage, and distribution of Hydrogen. The company owns the largest liquid Hydrogen capacity and distribution system in the world. The company had revenues of USD 27 billion in 2020. Linde serves a variety of end use industries including chemicals and refining, food and beverage, electronics, and healthcare. 

Green Hydrogen is the Hydrogen fuel which is manufactured from renewable resources. It is the cleanest fuel with zero carbon footprint. This is the reason why countries in Europe, Asia and North America are taking steps towards shifting to a Hydrogen based economy. 

Singapore’s plan of developing three Hydrogen powered cities by 2022 is case in Point. Similarly, initiatives have been taken by countries including China which plans to invest 15 billion till 2025 for the development of a Hydrogen economy, India which also has plans towards furthering Green Hydrogen, Russia which plans to develop three Hydrogen Clusters this year. 

As per Chemanalyst, “Green Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, and the Green Hydrogen demand is expected to grow at a high rate during the upcoming years. The proposed agreement between Linde and Infineon Technologies is aimed at capturing the prospects of higher demand rise in the Green Hydrogen market”


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