Mitsui E&S Finalizes Construction of a Substantial Hydrogen Production Facility
Mitsui E&S Finalizes Construction of a Substantial Hydrogen Production Facility

Mitsui E&S Finalizes Construction of a Substantial Hydrogen Production Facility

  • 26-Oct-2023 3:27 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, has reached a significant milestone by completing the construction of a state-of-the-art hydrogen gas supply facility. This facility encompasses various components, including a liquid hydrogen tank and a hydrogen gas compressor, with the primary objective of advancing their hydrogen-related business initiatives. As part of their strategic plan, Mitsui E&S conducted a successful demonstration operation to test the facility's capabilities.

The site of this remarkable achievement is the Mitsui E&S Tamano Factory, which serves as a pivotal production base for core products such as large marine diesel engines and industrial machinery, including reciprocating compressors. At this location, Mitsui E&S E&S has established a facility capable of supplying substantial volumes of hydrogen gas, with a remarkable capacity of 1,000Nm3/h.

The significance of this endeavor becomes clear when considering its direct application. Mitsui E&S E&S has formulated a plan to supply hydrogen from this cutting-edge facility to their large marine engine, boasting an impressive output of 7 megawatts. This initiative is part of a collaborative project subsidized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. Mitsui E&S joined forces with Daihatsu Diesel Co., Ltd. in the fiscal year 2021 to embark on this project. Their shared goal involves the development of hydrogen combustion technology, complemented by the incorporation of a booster compressor designed to elevate hydrogen pressure to an impressive 35 megapascals. Furthermore, a Gas Valve Train (GVT) is integrated into the system to control the precise supply of hydrogen.

The ultimate objective of this collaboration is to establish the operational technology required to effectively couple the fuel supply with the large marine engines. By achieving this, they are paving the way for the rapid development and implementation of hydrogen combustion propulsion systems. Such systems hold tremendous potential for making significant strides in the field of sustainable and environmentally friendly propulsion technologies.

The core piece of equipment within this newly constructed facility is the reciprocating compressor, an essential component for handling hydrogen. This compressor is sourced from Kaji Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsui E&S. To meet the rigorous demands of this project, Mitsui E&S has incorporated high-pressure seal technology designed for operation under non-lubricated conditions into the reciprocating compressor.

The successful demonstration operation of this high-pressure seal technology represents a pivotal achievement in the project's overall success. By implementing this technology, Mitsui E&S is now able to meet the stringent specifications required for compressors involved in the hydrogen supply chain. This is a significant step towards the development of robust and reliable hydrogen supply infrastructure, which is instrumental in supporting the growth and expansion of hydrogen-based technologies and applications.

Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd.'s completion of the hydrogen gas supply facility at their Tamano Factory is a significant stride towards realizing their hydrogen-related business goals. This facility, with its substantial hydrogen production capacity, is set to play a pivotal role in supplying hydrogen to large marine engines as part of a government-subsidized project. The incorporation of advanced technologies, such as the high-pressure seal technology in the reciprocating compressor, not only showcases Mitsui E&S's commitment to innovation but also contributes to the development of a robust hydrogen supply infrastructure. This achievement aligns with the global push for more sustainable and environment-friendly energy solutions and solidifies Mitsui E&S's position as a key player in the hydrogen industry.

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