NatPower H and Hydrocell Ink 3-Year Deal to Supply 4.5 Tons of Hydrogen
NatPower H and Hydrocell Ink 3-Year Deal to Supply 4.5 Tons of Hydrogen

NatPower H and Hydrocell Ink 3-Year Deal to Supply 4.5 Tons of Hydrogen

  • 13-Jun-2024 11:39 AM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

NatPower H, a subsidiary of the NatPower Group, the global leader in developing innovative infrastructure for green hydrogen production, storage, and refueling for pleasure boating, has signed an agreement with Hydrocell. Hydrocell, a pioneer in renewable energy specializing in control units for hydrogen-powered and electric propulsion systems, will now receive a supply of hydrogen to be used as a propellant for zero-emission boats.

The contract includes the supply of approximately 4.5 tons of hydrogen over three years from one of NatPower H's installed stations or via mobile units. This hydrogen will propel Hydrocell’s light passenger transport vessel "Nobody’s Perfect," which is a refurbished 17-meter fishing vessel originally constructed in Bordeaux in 1978. The vessel, equipped with a hydrogen engine and a 10kg-capacity fuel tank allowing for 30 hours of sailing, will be managed by a control unit designed by Hydrocell. Refueling will commence during the testing phase and continue into the operational phase.

"This contract is significant for both the boating industry and NatPower H, reinforcing our dedication and expertise as a key player in the decarbonization of boating," says Andrea Minerdo, CEO of NatPower H. " On this day, hydrogen cements its position as a fuel for the future, moving from an experimental propellant to a commercially viable option accessible to all."

“Karl Manfredi, CEO of Hydrocell, explains that the agreement with NatPower H underscores their dedication to promoting renewable, easily accessible energy sources such as hydrogen for a more sustainable future. We have pooled our extensive experience in the sector to make a meaningful contribution. With NatPower H’s support, we can further our crucial project of retrofitting 'Nobody’s Perfect'.”

NatPower H is the leading global developer of innovative infrastructure for the production, storage, and refueling of green hydrogen. As part of the NatPower Group, an independent developer of clean energy infrastructure projects, NatPower H supports businesses, utilities, and investors worldwide. The company boasts one of the largest pipelines of renewable projects globally, with over 30GW, and accelerates the energy transition across major technologies including solar, wind, storage, and hydrogen. In just a few years, NatPower has become a top independent developer, operating in seven countries: Italy, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, the United States, Canada, Tunisia, and Chile. With offices in Milan, London, and Washington DC, the company employs over 70 people across three continents.

Originating from South Tyrol, Hydrocell is an innovative company established by experts with two decades of experience in renewable energy. Their mission is to promote the widespread adoption and economic dissemination of hydrogen.

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