Global Penicillin G Sodium Price Trajectory Remain on the North Side Throughout February

Global Penicillin G Sodium Price Trajectory Remain on the North Side Throughout February

Global Penicillin G Sodium Price Trajectory Remain on the North Side Throughout February

  • 15-Mar-2023 11:34 AM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Penicillin G Sodium exhibited a continuous surge in its prices throughout the mid of the first quarter of 2023globally, mainly in Germany, the United States, and China. Inquiries from the international and domestic markets inclined at a moderate rate, and improved trade activity from export nations additionally supported the current price trend globally.

According to analysts, a number of factors, including relaxed inflation, rising prices for Key Starting Materials (KSM), petroleum, and freight costs, contributed to the pattern of a steady rise in prices. However, the price of all antibiotics, including Penicillin G Sodium, has been impacted by the shortage of common antibiotics in various nations, including China, the United States, and Europe. The producers have been forced to raise their antibiotic manufacturing in China due to ongoing import operations (primary exporter of Penicillin G Sodium). Overall, the costs of Penicillin G Sodium showed an increase of 2.56 percent during the month of February.

In addition, an increase in bacterial infections and flues brought on by changes in the climate in the United States has prompted traders to place newer orders. This, combined with an increase in domestic quotations by market participants, has kept the price of different APIs like Penicillin G Sodium moving upward. Similar trends were also seen for Penicillin G Sodium in Europe in the middle of Q1-2023. Moreover, another factor that resulted in the upsurged price trend of API Includes due to supply disruptions and logistical difficulties faced by import countries as a result of a slowdown in manufacturing activities at the end of January and into the first half of February. It has been observed that the cost of drugs whose raw materials (pharmaceutical API) are imported from China has increased. Generally, Penicillin G Sodium cost rose by 2.96 percent in the United States and 2.88 percent in Germany, respectively.

As per ChemAnalyst, "Penicillin G Sodium demand is projected to decrease again after December 2022 in the forthcoming months across the globe. The ample number of stocks is expected to meet the overall global demand."


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