Sika AG Achieves New Milestone, 10 billion Francs in Sales and 5.8% Increase

Sika AG Achieves New Milestone, 10 billion Francs in Sales and 5.8% Increase

Sika AG Achieves New Milestone, 10 billion Francs in Sales and 5.8% Increase

  • 11-Jan-2023 2:37 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Baar (Switzerland): Sika AG, a Swiss chemical producing giant, has achieved a milestone by exceeding 10 billion francs in sales in one year. This remarkable increase is attributed to their wise investments, purchases, and price hikes that have ultimately contributed to their success. Sika specializes in fortifying and imbuing structures like buildings and bridges with waterproofing features using chemicals such as PVC, HDPE membranes, which makes them the go-to choose for many customers with the highest performance standards. With these profitable decisions, Sika has definitely secured its place as an industry leader ready to take on future challenges with confidence.

This year, Sika AG achieved the remarkable feat of a 15.8% increase in full-year sales, which easily surpassed their own target. This outcome was largely credited to public projects and development drives that revived the construction industry, making Sika’s products and services an essential part of the equation. Their offerings for fortifying and protecting building materials made them more sought after than ever before, and as such, there are good indicators that Sika's success is set to continue into next year. With a greater emphasis on infrastructural investment from governments around the world, there's potential for even greater returns in the future.

Sika AG, a Switzerland-based chemicals manufacturer, is determined to extend its international presence. To achieve this goal, they have set up five new factories, acquired two companies in Canada and the US, and pushed product prices up by 16%. All of these efforts are expected to bring record-high EBIT results with a 15% margin for fiscal year 2022. Sika's actions place them on a promising path towards growth when their full-year earnings are announced on February 17th.


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