Uniper Unveils Proposal for a 120MW Hydrogen Hub in the Northeast of the UK
Uniper Unveils Proposal for a 120MW Hydrogen Hub in the Northeast of the UK

Uniper Unveils Proposal for a 120MW Hydrogen Hub in the Northeast of the UK

  • 12-Mar-2024 5:34 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

Uniper has unveiled its ambitious project to establish a hydrogen hub in the Humber region of the United Kingdom, with an anticipated operational commencement by the year 2029. This groundbreaking initiative, known as the Humber H2ub® project, is set to be situated at the Killingholme site.

The core of the Humber H2ub® project will encompass the integration of 120MW of green hydrogen production capacity, with further scalability potential in the pipeline. As part of its broader strategy, Uniper aims to ramp up its electrolyser capacity to exceed 1GW across its operations by the year 2030. This move aligns with the company's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon emissions.

In a significant collaborative endeavor, Uniper has entered into a strategic agreement with Phillips 66 Limited, aimed at supplying green hydrogen to the latter's Humber Refinery beginning in 2029. This initiative is geared towards mitigating Scope 1 operational emissions at the refinery, contributing to broader environmental sustainability goals.

However, the realization of this partnership and project hinges upon several factors, including securing financial investment approval from the respective management teams of Uniper and Phillips 66 Limited. Additionally, obtaining necessary planning consents, environmental permits, and finalizing agreements related to hydrogen offtake are pivotal prerequisites. Furthermore, a Low Carbon Hydrogen Agreement with the UK Government is imperative for advancing the project.

Duncan Hammond, Phillips 66 Limited's Decarbonisation Projects Manager for the Humber, emphasized the significance of hydrogen refueling in driving down emissions at the refinery. This move underscores the importance of energy security in the UK, particularly in the context of transitioning to sustainable energy sources. Leveraging technologies such as low-carbon hydrogen produced through electrolysis and carbon capture plays a pivotal role in sustaining essential product manufacturing for the transport sector and supply chain.

The Killingholme site, where the project is slated to be established, holds a strategic position within the industrial cluster of the Humber region. Benefitting from existing infrastructure including grid connections, demineralized water facilities, and a cooling water system sourced from existing power plants, the site is well-equipped to support the UK's hydrogen and decarbonization aspirations.

Moreover, the development of Energy Transformation Hubs forms an integral part of Uniper's broader strategy across Europe. These hubs are aimed at repurposing existing power plants and storage facilities to bolster energy security and facilitate future decarbonization efforts. Uniper has already established such hubs in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and now, the United Kingdom.

Notably, Uniper's commitment to hydrogen innovation extends beyond the borders of the UK. In 2021, the company unveiled plans for a hydrogen hub in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, with the potential to cater to a significant portion of the country's hydrogen demand. This demonstrates Uniper's proactive stance in driving forward the transition towards sustainable energy solutions on both regional and global scales.

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