Worley Partners with Shell to Advance Europe's Biggest Renewable Hydrogen Venture
Worley Partners with Shell to Advance Europe's Biggest Renewable Hydrogen Venture

Worley Partners with Shell to Advance Europe's Biggest Renewable Hydrogen Venture

  • 12-Mar-2024 5:55 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Worley, a global enterprise specializing in energy, chemicals, and resources consultancy, has recently inked service agreements to play a pivotal role in the realization of Shell's ambitious Holland Hydrogen 1 (HH1) initiative situated in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. This landmark project is set to feature a cutting-edge 200 MW electrolyzer fueled by renewable energy harnessed from an offshore wind farm currently in the developmental phase. Upon reaching fruition, HH1 is slated to emerge as one of Europe's premier commercial renewable hydrogen production facilities, with the capacity to churn out approximately 60,000 kg/d of hydrogen, enough to sustain the operational needs of 2,300 hydrogen-powered trucks. Initially, the renewable hydrogen generated will find application at Shell's Energy & Chemicals Park in Rotterdam, where it will play a crucial role in partially decarbonizing fossil fuel production processes and augmenting the industrial utilization of hydrogen in heavy transportation sectors.

Under the terms of the awarded contracts, Worley assumes responsibility for delivering comprehensive design, procurement, and construction management support services, encompassing critical integration activities with key suppliers and various infrastructure elements such as offshore wind facilities, pipelines, electrical grids, and the refinery. The execution of these services will be primarily centered at Worley's office in The Hague, along with its Global Integrated Delivery team stationed in Mumbai. Moreover, Worley aims to capitalize on its extensive network of hydrogen specialists and resources spread across the globe to effectively meet the project's multifaceted requirements.

These contract agreements signify the continuation of the enduring partnership between Shell and Worley, which first took root in late 2020 with the provision of preliminary engineering services for the HH1 initiative. The Holland Hydrogen 1 project serves as a shining example of the invaluable collaboration between our respective organizations in spearheading the development of innovative, large-scale renewable hydrogen infrastructure. Worley deeply appreciates Shell's confidence in assigning it this crucial role and reiterates its steadfast commitment to collaborating closely with Shell and other important stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of this monumental endeavor.

Worley Limited, an Australian-based engineering firm, offers comprehensive project delivery and consulting services to the resources, energy sectors, and complex process industries.

Headquartered in London, Shell plc is a British multinational corporation operating in the oil and gas sector. As a major player in the industry known as Big Oil, Shell ranks as the world's second-largest investor-owned oil and gas company in terms of revenue, trailing only ExxonMobil. Furthermore, Shell stands among the largest corporations globally, spanning various industries.

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