Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers Market - Plant Capacity, Production, Operating Efficiency, Demand & Supply, End-Use, Sales Channel, Region, Competition, Trade, Market Analysis, 2015-2030

Format: Online | Last Updated: Aug 2020

[Online Quarterly Update]Global Polyolefin Plastomer (POP) and Elastomer (POE) registered an appreciable growth till 2019 and is expected to achieve a healthy CAGR of around 8 % during the forecast period. POP and POE are specialty copolymers and are manufactured to form materials with modified plastic properties mainly for molding and film applications. POP and POE copolymers are witnessing subsequent demand in manufacturing of exterior parts for automotive, flexible moldings for construction and eco-friendly alternatives for packaging industry owing to the exceptional durability, high tensile strength, impact resistance and remarkable ductility.
Onset of Coronavirus in the fourth quarter of FY 20 had mixed effects on the value chain of POP and POE commodities. Some segments of POP and POE reported a phenomenal hike on their increased demand for packaging and medical applications while the demand in some of the segments plummeted due to the drastic hit on automotive and construction industry. However, tremendous efforts and initiatives being taken by various countries are anticipated to bring back the drifting finances, resulting in a gradual recovery in POP and POE in the next five years. Moreover, forecasted demand for personal commuting vehicles due to adoption of social distancing as a part of everyday lifestyle amidst prevailing Coronavirus uncertainties is another factor to propel the growth of POP and POE market.
Plastomers (POP) and Elastomers (POE) are materials with 1-olefin content greater than 10 per cent. Production of Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers materials require high capital investment backed by expensive process technologies. Owing to the high expenses involved, the global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market is oligopolistic in nature with limited number of players. Companies engaged in the production of POP and POE copolymers are Dow Chemical, Houston based Exxon Mobil, LG Chem in Korea, Mitsui Elastomers and SABIC in Houston. Following the current slowdown in global economy, new players are unlikely to emerge in the global market in the next few years. 
The Global Polyolefin Plastomers (POP) and (EOP) market is expected to witness a healthy growth rate in the coming years with majority of the consumption share coming from Asia Pacific region due to the rapidly expanding polymer and resin industry coupled with a drastic shift in demand towards packaging materials after Coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, Europe followed by North America is also anticipated to record significant growth in consumption of POP and POE copolymers on the back of propelling demand for packaging materials and medical devices as a ripple effect of the global pandemic.
Years Considered for this Report:
Historical Years: 2015 – 2018
Base Year: 2019
Estimated Year: 2020
Forecast Period: 2021 – 2030
Objective of the Study: 
• The primary objective of the study was to evaluate and forecast Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers capacity, production, demand and demand – supply gap globally.  
• To categorize Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers demand based on end use, application, region and sales channel. 
• To study company shares in Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market. 
• To identify major customers of Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers globally.
• To evaluate and forecast Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers pricing in Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market.
• To identify and profile major companies operating in Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market.
• To identify major news, deals and expansion plans in Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market.
Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers Market comprises of less than handful number of players due to high cost of initial capital investment involved. Leading players involved in the production of POP and POE include Dow Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemicals, Exxon Mobil, LG Chem and SABIC. As of 2019, there are no proposed capacity additions in POP and POE market in the next five years.
Prices of Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers witnessed an incredible upsurge in 2018 at the back of significant rise in the prices of feedstock Ethylene on its limited availability due to maintenance turnarounds at several plants in final quarter of that financial year. On the other hand, outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in FY 2020 surged the demand for Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers in manufacturing of packaging materials and certain medical devices. However, due to prolonged slowdown in its major consuming industries like automobiles and construction, prices of POP and POE in Asia Pacific region underwent a prominent fall from USD XX/MT to USD XX/MT. Similarly, Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers prices in Europe and the America have Plummeted significantly. Prices in the international market are likely to recover by the beginning of FY 21 on improvement in overall market fundamentals of the product. 
To extract data for Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market, primary research surveys were conducted with Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and end users. While interviewing, the respondents were also inquired about their competitors. Through this technique, ChemAnalyst was able to include manufacturers that could not be identified due to the limitations of secondary research. Moreover, ChemAnalyst analyzed various end user segments and projected a positive outlook for Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market over the coming years. 
ChemAnalyst calculated Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers global demand by analyzing the historical data and demand forecast was carried out considering Ethylene prices. ChemAnalyst sourced these values from industry experts and company representatives and externally validated through analyzing historical sales data of respective manufacturers to arrive at the overall market size. Various secondary sources such as company websites, association reports, annual reports, etc., were also studied by ChemAnalyst. 
Key Target Audience:
• Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers manufacturers and other stakeholders
• Organizations, forums and alliances related to Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers distribution
• Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policy makers
• Market research and consulting firms
The study is useful in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for industry stakeholders, such as Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers manufacturers, distributors, importers and end users. The report also provides useful insights about which market segments should be targeted over the coming years to strategize investments and capitalize on growth opportunities.
Report Scope:
In this report, the Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market has been segmented into following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
Market, by End-use
Automotive, Building and Construction, Packaging and Others
Market, by Sales Channel
Direct/Institutional Sales, Retail Sales, Other Channel Sales
Market, by Region
North America, APAC, Europe, MEA, South America
Market, by Region
North America
United States, Mexico, Canada
China, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand
Germany, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy
Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa
South America
Brazil, Argentina, Chile


Competitive Landscape
ChemAnalyst offers detailed analysis of major players including basic company details, Segmental/product information, financial performance, growth strategies, expansion plans, SWOT analysis etc.to give a comprehensive and meaningful insights on the Global Polyolefin Plastomers and Elastomers market.
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