CEPSA and Fertiberia Join Forces to Develop Hydrogen Projects in Huelva

  • 24-Feb-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Spain [Europe]: CEPSA and Fertiberia, two of Spain's biggest Hydrogen consumers, have joined forces to build a large-scale green Hydrogen plant in Huelva. This new facility will decarbonize their production processes and contribute towards a greener environment.

CEPSA is investing €3 billion to create the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley – set to be Europe's largest green Hydrogen hub. This move is part of CEPSA's proposal, which was announced last December.

Under the recently announced agreement, Cepsa and Fertiberia will be partnering in order to construct a 1-gigawatt (GW) electrolysis facility at Fertiberia's Palos de la Frontera site. The plant is located next to Cepsa's La Rabida Energy Park and is slated to begin operation in 2026, with full capacity being reached by 2028.

CEPSA and Fertiberia announced plans to use green Hydrogen for energy consumption and the production of advanced biofuels, Ammonia, Diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue) and crop nutrition solutions.

“This alliance will make Huelva's green Hydrogen production more competitive, becoming a source of opportunities for multiple companies along the value chain. It will also further the full decarbonization of our assets and our positioning as a leader in green ammonia and sustainable crop nutrition solutions," stated Javier Goni, Fertiberia’s CEO.

Several firms are taking initiative in the sustainability sector, investing their resources for better industrial and operational synergies. They plan to produce green Methanol and Ammonia in Huelva as well as other provinces in mainland Spain, thereby contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

CEPSA, a renewable energy producer, is planning to add another 1 GW facility to its San Roque Energy Park in Cadiz. The new facility is expected to become operational in 2027 and will be the second one at the Andalusian Green Energy Park. Fertiberia is not associated with this project.

The Spanish government recently made a major commitment to the Hydrogen energy industry, creating the Hydrogen Roadmap for October 2020. This plan has set an ambitious target of 25% renewable Hydrogen consumption for 2030, both as an energy source and as a raw material.

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