Technip Energies and Casale Unite to Spearhead the Blue Hydrogen Movement with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • 21-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

France: Technip Energies and Casale have teamed up to license oxidative reforming-based technologies, including autothermal reforming (ATR) and partial oxidation (POx) technologies, for the blue Hydrogen market. The ATR process generates syngas that includes hydrogen, CO, and CO2. When combined with Carbon capture technology and suitable for larger-scale facilities, ATR becomes cost-effective for low-Carbon Hydrogen.

Technip Energies and Casale will collaborate as co-licensors of the technology, providing exclusive equipment, Process Design Package (PDP), and complete plant solutions. The ATR-based solution could achieve up to 99% of Carbon capture rate and play a critical role in decarbonizing Hydrogen facilities.

Technip Energies has teamed up with Casale PDP to offer advanced ATR-based solutions for the booming blue Hydrogen market. This strategic collaboration is expected to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers.

As a leading global player in the Hydrogen industry, Technip Energies has a strong track record of delivering over 30% of the world's installed capacity. By combining proprietary technologies and collaborating with Casale, Technip Energies aims to drive innovation and decarbonize Hydrogen production on a large scale. The partnership will also enable Technip Energies to offer a complete range of solutions in the low-Carbon Hydrogen market, complementing its SMR-based solutions.

The collaboration between the two companies promises to offer cutting-edge solutions for global decarbonization, drawing on their extensive experience in developing and implementing advanced ATR and POx technologies. With multiple successful ATR-based mega production units already completed, combined with Technip Energies' profound knowledge of Hydrogen technology, this partnership holds immense potential for facilitating the transition towards a cleaner world.

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