Steel meets Hydrogen: ArcelorMittal, VEO and McPhy Energy Team Up to Pilot Germany's First Hydrogen Plant

  • 18-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Germany: ArcelorMittal has partnered with energy supplier Vulkan Energiewirtschaft Oderbrucke (VEO) and plant supplier McPhy Energy to establish a pilot electrolysis plant and a Hydrogen filling station at its Eisenhutternstadt facility in Germany. The project will feature two electrolysers supplied by McPhy, delivering a total power capacity of 2MW to produce Hydrogen. It will be used for enhancing the strength of Steel in the cold rolling mill without relying on heat.

A new Hydrogen filling station has been developed to refuel forklifts and articulated lorries, while the produced oxygen will be used for on-site production through electrolysis. This demonstration plant will offer Hydrogen for both logistical and Steel production purposes.

This project aims to explore and evaluate the potential of Hydrogen in industrial settings, allowing for further optimisation before completely transitioning to climate-neutral production in the future, with the integration of new technology and increased use of Hydrogen.

The project partners have planned to leverage the project as a trial run for their fresh 'smart operating modes.' Additionally, the scientific support will be provided by the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg, who will meticulously analyse data related to Hydrogen use at the plant to enhance energy efficiency and assist the electrolysers' further development.

The university officials expressed their delight in contributing to the crucial technology's scientific advancement, which helps achieve climate-neutral operation at the energy-intensive Steel industry.

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