Everfuel and Greenstat Sign Lease Agreement with Elkem for Hydrogen Hub Agder

  • 6-Mar-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Oslo [Norway]: Everfuel and Greenstat have signed an agreement to lease a Hydrogen plant for up to 30 years plus 10 additional years, as part of their Hydrogen Hub Agder project. The agreement was made following the company’s investing decision and was formalized by Elkem in April 2022.

Everfuel has announced plans to construct a plant that consists of two phases. The first phase involves the installation of a 20 MW electrolyser which will generate 8 MT of green Hydrogen every day. The second phase would expand the PtX facility to 60 MW. If funding and permitting are granted, the first phase is estimated to be commissioned by late 2024.

The shipping industry in Kristiansand, Norway is set to receive a major boost from a new renewable fuel hub. The hub is designed to supply the region with eco-friendly fuel and serve the rest of Europe. This will help reduce air pollution in the area and promote sustainable energy sources across the continent.

The ideal location for Hydrogen supply to the maritime sector has been confirmed at the harbour basin in Kristiansand. Not only is this area already regulated for industrial purposes, but the supply of Hydrogen can be made easier with container swapping and cascade filling.

More and more partners are taking initiative in making a change towards a greener future, with Holland-Norway Lines, FFS Marine and Arriva Shipping having signed an agreement of intent to use Hydrogen in Kristiansand. Furthermore, Everfuel and Greenstat are actively working towards concrete delivery contracts that will make this idea a reality.

Everfuel has announced a collaboration with Elkem Carbon to create a new and highly energy-efficient PtX-facility. By taking advantage of the potential use of excess heat generated by the facility, Everfuel and Greenstat will be able to maximize the efficiency of this innovative new project.

Greenstat announced that a progress plan is in the works, deciding whether to invest in the project by June 2021. If so, construction is planned to start in August/September of this year, with an estimated 1.5-year duration. The aim is for production of Hydrogen from Fiska at the end of 2024. In 2022, Enova granted the project an investment support of NOK 148 million ($14.9 million), classifying it among five maritime hubs for Hydrogen in Norway.

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