FG and Nigeria Energy Dialogue Collaborate on Revolutionary Methanol Energy

  • 18-Jan-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Nigeria: The Nigeria Energy Dialogue (NED) and Federal Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation are proud to present the Methanol Fuel Production Technology. The unveiling took place yesterday at the 2023 Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo in Abuja.

Frank Edozie, Executive Director of NED stated that this partnership is a revolution simplified by technological advances that will help achieve the nation's goal for safe, clean, accessible energy. He further emphasized how Methanol can transport energy to power industries, fuel rural electrification efforts, and provide an economic boost through job creation.

“We will get our people to work as many people needed accessible energy. The beauty of it is we are talking about technology that is there.

“We will build on Brass Methanol and numerous Methanol projects across the country.

“We don’t see this as an alternative; it will eventually become the main source of energy because it is green and accessible.

“The more it is deployed, the cheaper it becomes until it gets better current cost of energy,” he said.

Edozie said that this advancement in technology would convert gas Methanol to hydrogen fuel cells, making them useful across various sectors of the energy industry in Nigeria. As the nation nears completion of constructing a Brass Methanol plant with Sun Hydro Energy Limited and Clean Energy Resources, Dr. Peter Ekweozoh, Director of Implementing Methanol Value Chain in Nigeria speaks about how the project upholds Nigeria's obligations under the Paris Agreement by reducing hydrocarbon emissions and helps reduce global warming.

“This technology will help to improve our transportation system, because we are going to use hydrogen fuel cells or Methanol which has low carbon footprints to drive vehicles when fully adopted by Nigerians,” he said.

He said that 40 million jobs would be generated from the Methanol production value chain in two years’ time. Not only will it generate affordable, clean and trusted energy to power the rural areas, but Dr Offiong Archibong Anyanwu, Programme Director for NED, added that it will also create a platform for stakeholders in the energy sector to ensure net zero emission goals are achieved.

“The objective of this partnership is to sustained focus on the momentum that has been made on Methanol in Nigeria, and this will ensure cleaner source of fuel for cars, household applications and industries,” she said.

Anyanwu stated that Methanol is the future of energy and expressed hope that the current administration's achievements would not be swept under the rug by the next one. She acknowledged that Methanol is already used across the system, so it is imperative for them to build upon their momentum with this technology, which they have aptly called "BOOMM."

Dr. Joy Ogaji, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Power Generating Companies in Nigeria, believes that this revolutionary move will potentially provide cheaper fuel for power generation companies. If Methanol is properly packaged and implemented, these companies will gain better access to cheaper fuel. Not only this, but Ogaji also said that it could lead to climate change and closer attainment of net zero 2060.

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