GenH2 and Chart Industries Making Waves with Hydrogen Liquefaction System Tech

  • 9-Mar-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

US: GenH2 and Chart Industries have formed a strategic partnership, allowing them to collaborate on global sales and marketing opportunities, equipment manufacturing, supply and the deployment of GenH2’s 1,000 kg/day Hydrogen liquefier. Together they will be able to offer customers around the world a wide range of Hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The companies are pioneers in their respective industries, working together to create and distribute small-scale Hydrogen liquefaction technologies.

Demand for distributed Hydrogen infrastructure is growing rapidly, and the supply of liquid Hydrogen in some parts of the world may be insufficient or non-existent. With its 1000 Kg/day solution, GenH2 aims to deploy a scalable, modular distributed Hydrogen infrastructure that will break geographic boundaries.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), GenH2 plans to incorporate Chart equipment into their liquefaction systems, which will include storage solutions as well as heat exchangers and other essential components. Chart has an extensive global presence and 60 years of experience in creating high-performance, top-quality Hydrogen-related equipment.

Chart and GenH2 are proud to announce the availability of the GenH2 flagship 1 TPD liquefaction system. This system offers 1000 kg/day of pure paraHydrogen, all within a small, efficient footprint, perfect for those who need flexibility and control over their energy source. With this collaboration, Chart has been able to expand larger-scale solutions while GenH2 focuses on bringing smaller, distributed liquefaction systems to customers.

GenH2 and Chart Industries have announced a strategic partnership to promote progress in the Hydrogen value chain and pursue new customers. GenH2's LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System enables users to liquefy, store, and dispense liquid Hydrogen for stationary and mobile use. Through this agreement, the two companies will expand their reach into new territories, accelerating GenH2's market growth. According to GenH2 CEO Steve Gosnell, “Our new partnership with Chart will allow GenH2 to accelerate its market expansion plans into new territories.”

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