Mauritania Embraces Sustainable Hydrogen Future with $34 Billion Consortium Mou

  • 9-Mar-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Mauritania [Africa]: German project developer Conjuncta has announced a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mauritania, Egypt's energy provider Infinity and the United Arab Emirates' Masdar to develop an ambitious $34 billion green Hydrogen project in West Africa. This new partnership marks a major step forward for the region, as they look to promote renewable energy solutions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The joint statement between the Mauritanian government, and multiple firms highlighted a project that will have an astounding production capacity of 8 million tonnes of green Hydrogen or other Hydrogen-based end products yearly. Additionally, the project is set to feature an electrolyser capacity of up to 10 gigawatts.

Germany has been rapidly increasing its renewable energy production to meet both Russian fuel imports and climate goals. Last December, Berlin greenlit the construction of the nation's first Hydrogen pipeline infrastructure.

Work has begun on the first phase of a major energy project in Mauritania, with plans for completion by 2028. Upon completion, the project will have a capacity of 400 megawatts and will be located northeast of Nouakchott, the country's coastal capital.

The German government and the economy ministry have yet to give their opinion on the agreement currently.

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