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Growing demand of Aniline in the pharmaceutical sector to manufacture drugs will most likely drive the India Aniline market in the forecast period until FY2032.

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Rising urbanization and changing lifestyles of people is expected to drive Dibutyl Phthalate demand in plasticizers and personal care products in India

Surging demand of Paraxylene as a feedstock chemical to synthesize chemicals like Purified Terephthalate, Dimethyl Terephthalate, and Others which are further employ ...Read More

Increasing government investments in infrastructure development and rapid industrialization is anticipated to propel the demand for Diethylene Glycol due to its exce ...Read More

Increasing demand of n-Hexane as an edible oil extractant for oil processing coupled with the surging demand of n-Hexane as a solvent in the Pharmaceutical industry ...Read More

Increasing number of industries and growing demand from pharmaceutical & healthcare sectors and rise in the consumption of electronic products drive n-Heptane demand in India during the fore ...Read More

The growing demand for Hydrochloric Acid for wastewater treatment coupled with depleting freshwater reservoirs and increased efforts by Government towards cleaning w ...Read More

Monochloroacetic Acid market is anticipated to grow at a healthy rate due to rising demand from agrochemicals industry as a stabilizer. Moreover, increasing adoption ...Read More

Increasing demand of Cellulose Ether in paints & coatings and pharmaceuticals sector due to its  binding, thickening, stabilizing,  and water-soluble p ...Read More

The growing demand for Chloroform due to its excellent solvency properties for applications in the pharmaceutical & refrigeration industry is anticipated to driv ...Read More