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Increasing industrial investments and growing demand for Liquid Sulphur Dioxide from end-use industries majorly from fertilizer and food processing sectors to drive ...Read More

The surging demand of Polyurethane (PU) Resin due to their high gloss and durability for coating applications in automobiles will most likely swell up the demand for ...Read More

Growing demand of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) due to light-weight nature and good resistance to moisture and abrasion results in its application for manufacturing comm ...Read More

Growing demand of Mixed Xylene as a solvent in a wide array of industries such is contributing to the overall demand of Mixed Xylene in the forecast period until 203 ...Read More

Growing demand of Butyl Acrylate due to ease of miscibility with other solvents is responsible for utilization in Paints Coatings & Inks industry which is antici ...Read More

The rising demand of Bisphenol A as a feedstock to manufacture Polycarbonate resins, Epoxy Resins, and Unsaturated Polyester resins, which are employed by various do ...Read More

Surging demand for Benzene as a feedstock in the chemical industry to produce chemicals like Styrene and Cumene is anticipated to propel the Global Benzene market ex ...Read More

The constant growing demand of Cumene due to its employment as a feedstock for the production of commercially significant chemicals such as Phenol and Acetone for ap ...Read More

Government favorable policy to promote electric vehicle is anticipated to promote the demand for tyres & inner tubes in the county which is expected to drive the ...Read More