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Increasing demand of Cellulose Ether in paints & coatings and pharmaceuticals sector due to its  binding, thickening, stabilizing,  and water-soluble p ...Read More

The growing demand for Chloroform due to its excellent solvency properties for applications in the pharmaceutical & refrigeration industry is anticipated to driv ...Read More

The growing demand for Acetic Anhydride as a feedstock to manufacture cellulose acetate which have applications in various downstream industries such as cigarettes, ...Read More

The growing demand for Acetonitrile to manufacture antibiotics and drugs in the pharmaceutical industry coupled with applications in the agrochemical industry is ant ...Read More

The growing demand for Acetaldehyde as a precursor to manufacture various compounds such as acetic acid which are further used by various downstream industries such ...Read More

The growing demand for Soda Ash as an ingredient for manufacturing soaps and detergents and glass manufacturing is anticipated to expand the India Soda Ash market in ...Read More

The growing demand of Superabsorbent Polymer owing to their superior fluid retention properties as a replacement to cotton to manufacture Personal Care & Hygiene ...Read More

The growing demand of heat-resistant and highly durable material for manufacturing automotive components coupled with urbanization across the nation and increased sa ...Read More

Increasing demand n-Propyl Acetate as a solvent due to its high-evaporation rate to manufacture paints & coatings as well as flexographic inks which are further ...Read More

It is expected that the Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) market in India will most likely observe a surge, driven by its large-scale consumption as a remarkable solvent ...Read More