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Growing consumption of Phenol and its derivatives across multiple end user industries backed by country’s massive expenditures in the technological innovations is driving demand for Phenol ...Read More

Growing demand for Phenol and its derivatives due to their strong penetration across the economy driving industries backed by a strong shift in the country’s market dynamics would support ...Read More

Increasing investments in construction and infrastructural developments are propelling Phenol consumption in France.

Belgium’s growing Hydrogen Peroxide consumption due to increasing investments across several downstream sectors further catalyzed by new technological advancements across the consuming sec ...Read More

Rising demand for Phenol and its derivatives due to their strong penetration across the myriad downstream industries further supported by growing interest of the country towards investing heavil ...Read More

Surging demand for Polycarbonate sheets used in personal protective equipment backed by country’s strong investments to expand its automotive sector are driving demand for Phenol in German ...Read More

Growing demand for Hydrogen Peroxide as a power oxidant and bleaching agent across pulp and paper and other downstream industries would bolster the demand for Hydrogen Peroxide in Argentina duri ...Read More

Australia’s growing investments across the automotive and infrastructural developments are pushing the demand for Phenol derivatives.

Growing demand for Phenol for manufacturing Phenolic Resins and BPA with the country’s keen interest in infrastructural developments and establishing trade-ties with other Asian countries ...Read More

Skyrocketing demand for Phenol derivatives for manufacturing automobile parts backed by strong investments by the Japanese government in international markets are driving the demand for Phenol i ...Read More