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Accelerating demand for Potassium Carbonate as a fertilizer, enormous applications in pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing medicines & antiseptics and rapid expansion of electronic se ...Read More

Attributes like outstanding tensile strength, scrub resistance, high elasticity, increasing number of textile industries and growing population to boost India’s Nylon Filament Yarn marke ...Read More

Increasing demand for gasoline in automotive and machineries coupled with the growing usage of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) as an intermediate in medical industry for treating gallstones ...Read More

Growing demand for Malic Acid as an excellent flavoring agent in food and beverages industries and as an essential ingredient in pharmaceuticals to drive the Malic Acid market in India

Increasing number of commercial refrigerators and deep freezers in India and growing product demand due to phase-out of HCFC-141b used in foam manufacturing to drive Cyclopentane demand in Ind ...Read More

Increasing demand from several agricultural and non-agricultural industries and versatile applications as an industrial chemical in synthesis of potassium chloride, medicines, detergents, fert ...Read More

Increase in demand from transportation sector and government initiatives for adoption of cleaner and renewable fuels to drive Biodiesel demand in India

Increasing demand for brake oil, grease and engine oil from the lubricant industry and implementation of BS VI emission norms to drive the India Base Oil market

Growing demand for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber to create fuel resistant seals and grommets in automotive and aerospace industry to drive Nitrile Butadiene Rubber market in India
Increased demand due to versatile applications in pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, textile and household chemicals to drive the demand for Butanediol in India