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Rapid industrialization coupled with increasing stress on innovation of eco-friendly products and green technologies for purpose of maintenance and repair to drive the growth of Global Repair an ...Read More

Increasing government initiatives to promote tourism by focusing on the maintenance of historical monuments and public infrastructures coupled with rising concern over unprecedented environmenta ...Read More

Advancements in medical sciences and engineering and increasing investments in emerging economies in new revolutionary technologies like audio devices, sensors, robotics to push the demand for P ...Read More

Increasing demand for Nylon-6 from textile industry followed by rising demand for engineering plastic in electrical and electronic industry to drive the demand for Global Caprolactam market in t ...Read More

Incredibly growing demand for modified engineering plastics and high temperature nylon (HTN) to meet rising demand from the automotive industries further driven by China’s expanding econom ...Read More

Increasing demand for PET packaging from food and beverages industry post Coronavirus outbreak followed by the consistent increment in export potential of domestic manufacturers to propel the gr ...Read More

Growing demand for high performance sulphur fertilizers by farmers and rising focus of the nations across the globe towards achieving food security to drive the Sulphur Fertilizers market during ...Read More

Increasing usage of Antiscalants in RO purifiers for water treatment coupled with consistent spike in demand for the products from oil and gas followed by chemical industry is likely to drive th ...Read More

Increasing demand for materials with high tensile strength in automotive industry coupled with enhanced requirement for eco-friendly plastic packaging in food and beverage industry after the out ...Read More

Growing demand for 2-Ethylhexanol for manufacturing plasticizers such as dioctyl phthalate (DOP), Di-Ethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP) etc. used in the construction, automotive and electrical industri ...Read More